Hooked (the book), and yarn (always yarn!)

Ten - Oh!

I grabbed Kate this morning and we ran over to Hidden Valley Farm & Woolen Mill for their Holiday Open House. It was my first time there and it was great to see what they -- and other local artisans -- had to offer.

Also, I found out that the big bag of fiber I've been lugging around in my trunk is alpaca. Kate has one, too, both given to her by a co-worker who moved a few years ago. We didn't have Kate's with us, so we don't know if it's alpaca, too, or something else. Oh, darn, we'll just have to drive out there again sometime. It would be nice to get that fiber processed!

Kate's always been much more interested in the spinning aspect of things. I threw out the idea of a beginner's spinning class for her as a Christmas gift. I may have offered to accompany her to class... you know, for moral support.

We took the long way home, made a little lunch, and settled in to watch the Packer game. It was a little tense for a bit, but they won! The Packers haven't had a 10-0 record since the early 1960s!




What a nice day for you and Kate! How fun to share a fiber-passion with your daughter. :-) I don't follow football. At all. But I'm glad you're enjoying the season!


Sounds like a wonderful day - maybe next summer (sigh) Love both of your photos.


I love that photo of the sheep. I'm glad your Packers are doing so well.


Vicki! Spinning! You should at least be there for moral support and to see what it's all about. Beautiful country you live in and I always enjoy the pictures. Go Packs!


What a fun day! I have resisted the siren call of spinning for now...

Stephanie VW

Are those sheep wearing rain coats? Because if they are, I suddenly hear them bleating with British accents about the dreadful spot of weather we've been having. Right so! and so on.


I hope you enjoyed Hidden Valley! I used to work there and I lived just four miles away. Now I live in Chicago and really miss visiting with Paul and Carol. Thanks for the beautiful photos!!

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