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The Fix and Some Fun



Another little dip into the pot turned this (parts of which I love, but not so much as a whole)...

...into this...

...and I'm happy with that. There are subtle changes, some depth.

A possible pairing.

The pot hadn't completely exhausted, so I threw in a ball of Plymouth Galway. There wasn't really enough dye to create anything super exciting, so I added some gray... a prelude to the last month of Project Spectrum.

Yes, please!

Web-2011-11-01 19.58.38
And now for some fun! Look who's working in my area this week! Angie and I got together last night for dinner and then a little knitting over coffee/tea. We usually have camnesia when we get together, but this time nabbed a barista to take phone pics... with both of our phones!




I love the overdyeing effect!


Oh, I love it! Wow -- what a lovely difference! (And it looks great in its new partnership, too.)

Cheryl S.

I like the 'pairing' - very nice!


OMG That's stunning!!!!!!


Love the re-dye job, and 2 knitters I'd really love to meet someday! :^)


I LOVE the new color! Great work.


Your new dye work looks like something Kim would create. You really have some beautiful depth and color tones. It should be an excellent duo with the plummy color.
Meets ups with blog buddies are so much fun. You deserve a night of R&R and fun!

Robin F.

love the new color. It's like magic seeing what you have created.


What a great fix! You are becoming a real dyer!


really love that color! reminds me of the Miss Babs Yowza whatta skein I got at Rhinebeck! (Black Watch was the color). I also really enjoy saying "yowza whatta skein" HA!


I adore the new and improved yarn. It is fascinating to see the results you have with your dye pots.

I really enjoyed sharing conversation, dinner and coffee (or salted caramel hot chocolate) with you this week.


I love the 'after' yarn, and the burgundy is a beautiful pairing.

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