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Do you upload photos to Flickr? Have you subscribed in some manner to Photojojo? And have you also signed up to receive a twice-monthly Photojojo Time Capsule?

The Time Capsule arrives via email twice a month and shows a few of the photos I'd uploaded to Flickr the previous year. It's usually interesting, sometimes boring, occasionally a thrill!

Today, I see this:

image from
At this time last year, it was Month 8 of this 9-month project -- Parcheesi -- my final and also most-amazing project of 2010 (at least). There's so much knitted into that blanket.

image from
image from
I've been meaning to write about it, too. It's chilly at night now, especially in our bedroom, and I've been pulling Parcheesi over me as an extra layer. It never fails to make me smile. Honestly, it makes me SO HAPPY to pull it over me, or wrap it around me -- truly thrilling. I feel a happy little zing inside every time!

Check 'em out on Ravelry, too.

I want one to cover my whole bed!



This is the best blanket anyone has ever knit. I love it, too. You should do a post every year on it's anniversary!


It's an incredible blanket, I'm glad you recognize that and love it so much. I haven't ever heard of the time capsule thing, thanks for the tip.


And it makes me happy every time you show us some more photos of this true beauty, thank you!


oh, this is such a lovely memory. i dream about your blanket all the time!


Still one of my most favourite knitted things ever...


It is one of MY favorite-knitting-projects-to-look-at! I'm always inspired by the colors and the . . . tweed-y . . . look of your Parcheesi. It just looks happy and comforting and joyful. I can see why it makes you smile when you pull it up over you. :-)


Oh, that is lovely! The colors and squares almost appear to be pulsing, as if it is animated!

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