Deemed even better the 2nd time
Happy New Year

Knits at 11

Or, rather, KNITS OF '11.

1. Seaman's Square Cap I, 2. Hat's Not Another Noro Scarf, 3. Cable and button detail, 4. Ragtop v.1 & 2, 5. Puerperium, 6. PS June Project Sweater, 7. Cerasifera on the trellis, 8. Asymmetrical, 9. "Blue" yarn, 10. Stripe Study II, 11. Purple & pink, 12. Caera Cowl, 13. Monster Bum, 14. My PS Yellow Project, 15. Pixie, 16. Woven Cowl II, 17. Freestyle, 18. Nice and simple, 19. Lakedale front, 20. Christmas booties.

  • Five hats (not shown: another "Square," similar to the first, and a woman's cabled cap just finished)
  • Six wraps/shawls
  • Two pairs of mitts
  • Two infant cardigans
  • One bag
  • Five (!) cowls
  • One pair of adorable toddler pants
  • One pair of red booties

Started in 2011 but not finished: another child's sweater, a quick vest for me (well, I finished it but it doesn't fit me), a small toy, a scarf, another vest-y type thing, a cardigan (it's all over 'cept the seaming... and other various finishing).

And then there are all those squares.

And all that yarn I dyed. Eleven of the projects pictured above -- plus the unfinished cardigan -- make use of hand-dyed yarn.

This one was sent over to (blogless) Flan a few days ago as padding for Hooked, Flan's number having been the random one.

I thank Ravelry, Flickr, and the knitorious archives for helping pull this all together. I'm not a very good record-keeper, so I can't really say how this compares to previous years. I don't set goals, either. It is what it is... and it's pretty fab, if you ask me. I'm thrilled with my fiber-related accomplishments of 2011.

2012? Bring it. *clink*  Happy New Year, everyone!




All beautiful. I need to do a post like this, too.


A very productive year, yarn-wise.


I'll drink to that! :-)
A very lovely fiber year, Vicki!
Happy New Year.


So lovely, Vicki. My favorite? That Lakedale shawl.....SO pretty. Did you dye the yarn for it?


What a productive year! Nice and simple is my favorite.

Cheryl S.

Great recap!


You have had an amazing fiber year. To have knit (mostly) with yarn you've dyed is a wonderful accomplishment. Your curiosity has led to a new avocation and an excellent year of knitting enjoyment, for us!.

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