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Lakedale Shawl

Lakedale front

Lakedale side

I wasn't so sure about this one. It sat in a heap on my work table for a few days after finishing while I contemplated whether to frog it all. It seemed kind of small and SUPER ruffly. Yeah. I'm a girl, but never one much for the ruffles.

Lakedale ruffles

WARNING: You will not get far without the corrections to the pattern; in fact, you'll get no further than four rows. You may do those same four rows and find yourself confounded on the fifth many times, as did I, before it dawns on you to check errata. Ouch! The published pattern is missing the last four rows of an eight-row repeat; corrections are available on the Ravelry pattern page.

Lakedale points

Because it seemed sort of small, and also because I had the yarn, I added a few more pink stripes (without further increases). I also made a more substantial and solid "border" by doing another stripe repeat, but without changing the color.

And, because my heart wasn't really all in, I was a lazy blocker. I smoothed it out (and watched it grow!), put a few pins at the neck edge, and then pulled out and pinned every other point. In the end, I like it... I like it a lot! The zig-zag ruffled edge adds some substance and the shape wraps nicely around the neck.

* * * * *

As it turns out, the lights on the top of the tree were burned out! Luckily, Rusty remembered seeing an odd string hanging in the basement, so I finished the lighting of the tree last night. Overall, the light situation was much worse than I remembered -- oh, memory, you are a trickster! I consider the piper paid for my laziness over the past few years -- throwing good lights in without dealing with the bad. And we're good. The holidays may proceed.  ; )



Beautiful! I like very much.


I think that's a really pretty and very uniquely shaped shawl. Well done!


I think that is the most perfect design for that particular color mix. Love it! Feminine and pretty -- and oh-so-wearable. :-)


I am so glad we are good to go for the holidays ;-)


I like your Lakedale very much. I have one in the works, but in much drabber colors. I need to branch out a a bit. Your colors are lovely.


Lovely shawl. That Stephen West sure can design 'em.


SO pretty - I could see it being really stunning in charcoal and silver gray. Hm.... if I had more time to knit for me, I'd make one of those for my mum!

kelli ann

I love it! the cerise - light pink stripes are like steps. Beautiful.


You have no idea how much I love this shawl! It's one of my all time favorites and I've moved it up my list. In fact, you put it on my radar as I had not seen the pattern. May the holidays be good to you from here on out!


It's really stunning. I saw these pics either on Flickr or Ravelry the other day and the words that came to mind was,"Holy sh*t! that's gorgeous." Pardon my French. :-)


So girly! I think it would look stunning with an all black outfit. I don't know where that idea came from but it;s the first thing I thought of when I saw it.

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