Bedtime reading
Kid in a candy store


  • I made a beef roast today
  • Practically nothin' to it
  • Beef, beer, onions, garlic, a little water
  • SO GOOD! The house smells yummm
  • I also baked some potatoes
  • In the oven
  • I can't remember the last time I had a real baked potato
  • Especially one that I made myself
  • 'Twas a good and busy weekend
  • Had a fun party on Friday
  • Didn't suffer too much/long on Saturday
  • Accomplished some things
  • Did some knitting while watching football
  • Little squares. All done.
  • Hm.
  • The Badgers are playing The Ducks in the Rose Bowl
  • The Packers are 13-0
  • And winners of the NFC North
  • It's been a great year to be a sports fan in Wisconsin
  • It's also late, and I'm tired...
  • G'night




When my mom was pregnant with me baked potato was the only thing she could eat that didn't make her sick - that lasted for the entire 9 months of her pregnancy, the poor thing. Now I love baked potatoes - think it's a coincidence?


Sounds like a perfect weekend. . . with football-icing on top!


Good food, good games, good knitting! It's perfection!!


I needed to go out yesterday to gather signatures (for my election petition, need 20 to get my name on the ballot). But since the Vikes were playing at noon and the Pack at 3, I decided I would be better off to postpone. Had I interrupted The Game, people would probably have kicked me off their doorstep!


I'm now craving a roast beef sandwich or a baked potato...thanks.

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