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Year in review: 2011

One Word Wednesday


Okay, so more than one word. I just can't do it. Maybe it would work if I took the photo with one word in mind, but that didn't happen here; this was completely spontaneous. All these mini test skeins from Project Spectrum were in the way today when I dove into the closet for boxes of Christmas ornaments. They looked so pretty all bunched up, I had to take them out for photographs.

It was cloudy and drizzly today, too, which always seems to make the color pop even more.

A photography group meeting last night, holiday party with the book club group tonight, knitting out at the coffee shop tomorrow night... it's the most wonderful busy time of the year!




Bright & cheerful = good when it's cloudy & drizzly :^)


Like a bright posy!


I love the colors all together. We have our Kiwanis Christmas party tonight and have a planned night IN tomorrow night. Hooray!


Now THAT captures all the spirit and intention of Project Spectrum!!! What a lovely bouquet!


Project Spectrum Perfection!
It's a busy time of year and last night was my last night out! Can't wait for a night at home to veg and relax!!


all those happy colors make me dizzy with delight! best wishes for a not-too-crazy week!

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