Ten on Tuesday: Ready, Set, Go!
Christmases long long ago


Living in a one-room cabin for most of the last 5-10 years or so, Sharon didn't have a lot of furniture but, among them, a few amazing pieces.

Sharon had this chair for 20 years or more and it was my favorite; I sat (and knit) here many, many times. Even with the more (or less) recent damage due to cats and dogs and, well, just many years of use, the "amazing" still shines through. Taken in full sun, the photo is horrible, but I think you can see that it was green.

Karen took the chair home with her last December when we cleaned out Sharon's apartment. With the help and skill of her neighbor, Don, and the use of his wonderful workshop, they got down to business in September. Many hours and lots of muscle went into the polishing of chrome and pulling of fabric...

...not to mention covering a few buttons.

They finished in November:

And I don't know about you, but I think it's utterly and completely amazing! Kudos, Don & Karen!





Stephanie VW

Beautiful. What a great job and what an interesting chair. I bet it's the coveted comfy chair. :)


The chair is unique and it exudes comfort. It will be a lovely place to sit, knit, read and/or contemplate.


Awwww - the love lives on. What a wonderful chair to have brand new again.


Very cool. I can see why you love it.


That is a fantastic update! I wonder if Sharon approves or if she preferred it in it's "shabby chic" state!


You know, I don't mean that comment to sound like Sharon wouldn't approve but that's probably how it sounds. What I meant to say is that I wonder what Sharon would think of it now!


oh, wow. what a great chair!


Wowww. Simply fantabulous.

Robin F.

Can you see the big smile on the chair? Sharon must be pleased too!


Great chair, and what a huge labor of love!


What a fantastic job they've done. Many more hours of happiness and contentment will be whiled there. May I ask if you know who manufactured it?


It's TOTALLY amazing!

Do you know how they got after the chrome? Did they just steel wool it a bit and let it be? Or did they get all the rust off and re-chrome it? (I have a different type of chair I'm trying to do something with).


wow... i have a feeling your sister would approve. :)

Kristi aka FiberFool

How wonderful! It looks great and was totally worth restoring!


What a gorgeous chair, and it comes with memories to boot!


That is a great chair and I love the restoration! I don't think I've seen one like it before.


Oh my gosh! Gorgeous.

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