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Remember when...

...I said, basically, that I didn't care about the lights on my tree? That I didn't have time? That I didn't want to make the time? Yeah...

Web-2011-12-11 13.50.47
There was slightly more than one string of lights (or so) out. That's 400-600 lights on the floor - I lost count. It's a lot of lights. There may be only slightly more lights left on the tree than were taken off, but I think all of the dead strings have been removed now. The illuminated ones on the floor had previously been thrown in to hastily cover up some dead ones, and I had to take them off in order to get to the dead ones. I only bought 100 new lights... I think you can spot them... that's probably not going to fly. I haven't even put the top of the tree on yet... pray that they're all working!

So, how's your Sunday going?



Oh my good gracious! 400+ light!! That's quite a feat! We bought a strand today to light small table at the foot of the stairs. We're done.


I'm suddenly happy that we have a live tree. Hope you made some progress!


The lights will be beautiful!


Save room for the decorations!


Oh shoot! I always thought that one benefit of an artificial tree would be no light angst.


Yep. Loving the pre-lit tree right now.

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