Ten on Tuesday: Ready, Set, Go!


Sing it! (That's 12 "la"s each time!)

Cinnamon by Derek (and also Tommy Roe). Anyone around "my age" will love the list of suggestions: Iron Butterfly - In A Gadda Da Vida, Tommy James & The Shondells - I Think We're Alone Now, The Cowsills - Indian Lake, B.J. Thomas - Hooked On A Feeling, Bobby Goldsboro - Autumn of My Life. Man, that Bobby Goldsboro -- he sang ALL the sad songs!


On warm toast.

With butter.

A couple of hanks of fingering weight.

One hank of DK. I love this SO MUCH and will definitely do it again. Today, though, I'm making green.

And then maybe some yellow. Different yarns, different weights, different dyes... same old fun!




That's a gorgeous shade! Cinnamon is the perfect name for it.


Oh, I really love that cinnamon yarn.

Sorry 'bout the Pack, and more sorry it was my team that messed up their streak. I'm a Packer fan unless they are playing the Chiefs.

Happy dyeing.

Lisa Ward

You're right about Bobby Goldsboro, his song "Honey" still kills me.


GORGEOUS! You've outdone yourself!


The cinnamon yarn is fabulous! You truly have an eye for color and shade and you're becoming quite an expert (imo!).

Robin F.

Oh my that cinnamon color is fabulous!! I want to fondle it. I wished for smellimonitor so I could sniff it. If I send a skein of yarn can I pay for that dye job??? Pretty please.

Julia in KW

The depth of colour in the cinnamon yarn is delicious!


I await your new Etsy shop in 2012! You must share that beautiful yarn with all of us


So lovely. I'm sure your red heads especially will appreciate anything made out of that colour. O course, this brunette thinks it's gorgeous, too


I know every one of those songs :-) Did you know that at one time, probably the early 70s, Inna Godda Davida was the top-selling album? Middle-aged businessmen and little old grannies bought it. My boyfriend at the time had a friend in a record store who passed on that tidbit.

Lovelovelove the cinnamon yarn. Such depth of color.

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