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Ten on Tuesday: Traditions

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Favorite Holiday Traditions

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1. The stockings are hung on the staircase with care, in the hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there... He comes every December 5th, leaving a stockingful of treats and always a new ornament for each of the girls. When they were little, they'd also receive a book or CD; now, it's more likely a gift card. There were some years when not a single thing more could be stuffed inside. I don't know what he was thinkin'.

2. St. Nick must shop at the same candy store I do! There's always popcorn balls, Necco Wafers, chocolate coins, peppermint sticks, and other old-fashioned candy in our stockings!

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3. After 20+ years, the girls have a nice collection of ornaments to call their own -- not only those brought by St. Nick or made by me (like that jointed Santa), but also quite a few handmade by their Aunt Karen (many of which doubled as gift tags), and including many of those that they made in school. I'm still holding on to some of those school ornaments for myself, not able to relinquish them just yet.

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4. I hang some ornaments special to me, too; from my grandmothers, from my school years, and just because they make me smile.

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5. It was decided over dinner on Sunday that this year we'll put up the artificial tree. We love the real-ness of a real tree, but the sturdiness of the fake. The girls want to load it up this year, apparently. My minimalist decor of a few years ago (above) was heartily poo-poo'd. (I liked it!)

6. We get Snowed In. The girls can't help it. Neither can I. So darn catchy, fun & happy.

7. We spend Christmas Eve at my mother's. We've had a lot of different things for dinner over the years: Cornish Hens, Ham, Beef Wellington, Crown Roast, Standing Rib Roast, Turkey, Yorkshire Pudding, Waldorf Salad. The one constant lately -- ever since the girls were able to express their desires -- is Corn Pudding.

8. And Rusty's pies. For 25 years, Rusty has made ALL the pies for ALL the holidays (save one Christmas). Usually apple or pumpkin, but sometimes cherry; he loves pie, and it's his thing.

9. We usually go to a movie on Christmas Day; in fact, Santa usually stuffs a movie pass into everyone's stocking! We don't always all go to the SAME movie, but we all go at the same time.

10. New Years Eve is almost always celebrated with a gathering of family and friends around a fire in the ravine, complete with champagne and fireworks!




Great traditions!


Such wonderful traditions and memories! That's what the holidays are all about, for me! :-) Enjoy every moment of the season, Vicki!


Your house sounds (and looks) so festive! I miss the family traditions we had when my Mom was alive. Now, since my siblings are scattered far and wide, the celebration ends up being simple and small.


The girls' stocking are beautiful! I'm still looking for stockings for us, but since I can't find any I like I started knitting one. I'll be lucky if I finish it in time for this year's Christas; we'll see how many years it will take me to make stockings for all of us... :)

Robin F.

What wonderful family traditions. Thanks for sharing. We are gearing up for Chanukah- dinner for girls and their friends= brisket(8 lbs.) and 20 lbs. of potato latkes!


I have some of those school ornaments too...and I'm thinking I will never relinquish them...


Looks like a pretty good world to me! Happy, happy holidays!


I loved reading about your traditions. Rusty and I will have to get together and make pies some day.

CaroleP (ohio

Love your Christmas decorations, esp the stockings (counted cross stitch?). I have one for each of my two daughters, husband and myself, but gave girls theirs when they left home - wish I hadn't now. Loved doing the cross stitch.........Merry Christmas!

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