Christmases long long ago
Christmas booties

'Tis the season


And what could possibly be more jolly than Patrick? "Inflatible pants!" Just those two words... I can barely remember why it was so funny, just that it was, and I laughed SO HARD that I was crying and my tummy hurt and I almost couldn't breathe. So, yeah, Patrick makes me smile every single time!


For a while, I was into cross-stitch Santas and other ornaments -- mostly on perforated paper. One of these -- I think the star-shaped one -- I stitched while on an unscheduled overnighter in Beaver Dam. It was snowing all day on a Friday, but I was packed and ready to leave right from work for a Sister Weekend at Annie's in Madison... and, darn it, that's what I was gonna do! I would have made it, too (I was so close), if I hadn't had to share the road with so many complete idiots. Making and Doing together was always the purpose of Sister Weekends, so I was prepared!


This is my sister Karen's work... and so like her! I'm sure it wasn't an original idea, but it's one she certainly ran with, elevating lowly juice can lids to something spectacular! Not only are they adorable ornaments, some of them did double-duty as gift tags that year!! Isn't she smart?


My Aunt LaFae gave us this wreath ornament -- and another, at some point, that she'd made of glass -- I think Maddy was pretty brand new then. Those five smiling dough faces make me happy.

Katie could not believe her eyes when I brought out the pomander oranges.


They're the ones she helped make when she was in grade school! There are some empty holes where some of the cloves have fallen out. I keep them in curing spice, in a zippered plastic bag. They're so petrified, they weigh next-to-nothing, but they last and last and last!




Your tree is so full of beautiful memories. Handmade ornaments are the best, as are any we had as children. This time of year is for memories, both the remembering and the making.


Beautiful tree - love the pomanders. I can just imagine the scent - yum! Merry Christmas.

Teresa C

So gorgeous, I'm jealous. We have had the tree up for a month and it still has only the garland. Maybe we'll have our guests help us decorate on Christmas! Have a Merry one!!


I have some cross stitched ornaments, too. Years ago when I was into cross stitching I signed up for an "ornament at month" thing. Each month we got a kit for an ornament and then in November we went to a class where we finished them all up. I love all of them and I also made quite a few on perforated paper, too. Your photos of the ornaments are lovely, I always have a hard time getting then in sharp focus. Any secrets you can share? Are you using a tripod?


I love peeking at other peoples' trees. Your ornaments are so clever and special. Aren't the handmade ones always the best! Hope you have a very merry Christmas!

Cheryl S.

LOVE the Patrick ornament. How can you not smile at that face?

Merry Christmas!


Our ornaments are so much more than . . . ornaments. Aren't they? So many memories! Merry Christmas, Vicki!

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