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Trees for sale

Ali and her friend and co-worker Abbey volunteered to sell Christmas trees for the Kiwanis on Saturday morning. I went over to say hi and help Ali choose a tree. And take a photo or two.

Ali is wearing "Orev," one of several free patterns by my friend Dixie at Yellow Dog Knitting. She is now knitting at Orev or two for my nephews (who I am certain are not reading here, but shall nonetheless remain unnamed). There's more than one quick-to-knit pattern there... just doing my duty as we close in on little more than a week 'til Christmas.


Happy for a day off tomorrow.




Good for them for helping out Kiwanis by selling trees! It's the biggest fundraiser our club has and it takes a lot of help to pull it off.


They look happy and warm in their hand knits!


Enjoy your day off! :-)

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