And that's a (birthday) wrap


--I'm sure my Uncle Bob has stopped reading ages ago because nearly all I've been posting about is yarn stuff. He's not so keen on the yarn stuff. There hasn't been much more than yarn stuff going on around here!

--My mom'sbeen reading, though. I started to tell her something yesterday when we were out with Kate & Al and she told me that she already knew... she read it on my blog.

--The four of us met at the coffee shop and did a little Christmas decor & shop display shopping, and also some clothes shopping. Katie is invited to a wedding reception in mid-January that requires formal attire! Oooh, we found some awfully cute dresses, vintage and otherwise, but I think she's going to wear my Edwardian dress. She tried it on today and it'll work. I only wore the dress once, about 15 years ago, and I'm delighted that it'll see some more action. I'm photographing the reception, so you'll eventually see it, too! It's pretty amazing. Katie hasn't checked my blog in a while; she became a regular reader when she lived far away. I think Ali only looks at the pictures... when I have something specific to show her.

--Uncle Jimmy stopped by work today and put a bunch of old pictures in my car. He brought some of Grandma's watercolors, a couple of Uncle Cliff's photographs, the on-location painting Rusty did at my grandparents' house several years ago called "Lester's Closet." I don't think he knows what a blog is... he glazes over at the mention of the internet and by the time blogs and "Facebook" are mentioned, he's long gone.

--I came home this evening to find some wrapped presents on the floor in the area of one of my wicker yarn bins, near the colonnade in the living room area... and Maddy had taped a note to one of the columns that says, "Christmas Tree Here, Please!" Ooookaaaaay, that settles that. I'd been wondering whether to put it there or in front of the window (it can be seen through the window from outside in either location). That means that the table with all the fabric I've cut for a quilt will not need to be moved and maybe I'll get to it before the end of the year! Maddy knows I have a blog, but I don't know if she's ever read it -- even when she was far from home!

--It's already been determined that we'll use the artificial tree, and I'm pretty sure there's at least one string of lights out. I bought a string of them yesterday to throw them fill in while I fluff up. I am not going to get too bent out of shape about it... I'm sure if I put the tree "just so," it'll be fine. I just don't have the time... don't want to make the time or take the time... would so rather do anything other than re-string lights on the tree. Bah!

--My red cowl is NEARLY dry... bulky yarn takes a while.

--I pinned out a shawl that's been finished for over a week. It's a shawl by Stephen West and I just wasn't sure... Now that it's pinned out (I kept thinking, as I was pinning, that I'm a pretty lazy pinner), I like it better and think it'll be okay.

--Random yarn photos of dyeing and overdyeing.



I loathe putting lights on a tree -- hate it with the fierce white heat of a thousand suns. So our tree is a pre-lit one. Guess I am not the only one...


I used to insist on Only A Real Tree. But after years (and years) of vacuuming up needles, I finally bought an artificial. It looks nice; it's easy to take care of. But. I hate "assembling" it with a passion!!!! Hate. Brian used to help. Now he's away. At least Tom will do the lights. . .


Love the yarn colors! Tree lights not a big hit here either - prelit was #1 on the hit list when we bought a tree this year :^)


We haven't gotten our tree yet but maybe we will this weekend. With our woodstove we can't put it up until just a little before Christmas anyway - it dries out so fast! I'd be all for getting an artificial one but Dale won't even consider it.


Not sure what type of tree you have but any place that sales them may be able to easily fix the bad string of lights. We trying to decide on a fun way to bring the festivities into our home this year. May as well go for it....there is no hiding. There is so much joy in your posts, subtle yet there, for your family (and for the yarn). ;-)


Can't wait to see photos of the Edwardian cool.

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