Wordless Wednesday
What a difference a day makes

Did ya catch that?

For possibly the first time ever, I "wrote" a truly wordless "Wordless Wednesday" post yesterday. I had to type something, though, so there's a period at the end.

Wednesday was a busy day!

Chi Kung - week 2. Last week was a lot of intro; this week we learned some new practices and moved more.

I signed up at the local fitness center! Katie & Ali have been members for a few months.  There's a good promo going... and I need to get going!

I'd intended to at least take a walk on the treadmill, but the morning really got away from me for various reasons, so only had time to sign up before heading home to get ready -- and was only 5 minutes late for an early afternoon meeting!

I dyed some yarn that reminds me an awful lot of Blackwatch Plaid -- one of the prominent plaids of my childhood.

I felted some more knitting -- slippers again, but a different pattern. It took twice around in the front-loader this time (Duffers took three).

I set in the sleeves of the "Hug Me Tight" sweater and began seaming. It sure is cute!

Have I mentioned the movies? Everyone gets movie passes in their Christmas stockings, so the holidays and shortly thereafter are big for theater-going around here. I've seen "War Horse," "Sherlock Holmes," and "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" since Christmas -- and those last two were just this week!




Good for you for joining the fitness center. I bet the girls will do a great job of motivating you. We're going to the movies this weekend!


Show how did you like "Sherlock Holmes" - we talked about it, but didn't get around to going. Stay warm!


For just a second, my heart dropped when I read, "I felted some more knitting...". There was a brief knitter commiseration before I read the rest of that section. ;^)


That sweater is so cute!!!

Cheryl S.

Darling sweater!


So cute! I'd love to see it on the little person it's meant for. I've seen Sherlock and it was great! We're going to see Tinker, Tailor, too!


Loving the brown accent on that sweater! And yesterday's picture was beautiful!


That sweater inspired my color choices for Percy's next dog sweater. Not as colorful as yours -- Percy may be energetic, but he prefers slightly more conservative colors (he told me so himself) -- but I loved the idea of cuffs of a color unrelated to the body colors. His next sweater will be narrow brown and white stripes with red cuffs. The yarn arrived yesterday.

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