Parcheesi on the bed
Have I mentioned...

Duffers on the bed

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They are knit with yarns called "Hazelnut" and "Latte," which amuses me. I also amuse myself by calling them my "Downton Abbey Duffers," as I knit them while catching up with Season 1 in readiness for tonight's premiere of Season 2. They're fresh out of the washer and still wet. Details when they're dry.  ; )




They are great - I love those colors together.


Love the duffers...and I am sooooo jealous that you have Season 2 of Downton Abbey today! LOVE the show (we just finished watching Season 1 which means a while before it is available in the Great White North). Enjoy!


What fun... The duffers and that you have season 2


Love them. I'm going to re-watch season 1, too


Oh, they look super! I'm looking forward to your review. :D


Love them!!


I didn't know you were knittin' Duffers! They are all the rage at Blazing Needles. I bought yarn...
Your colors are amusing, and fabulous, together.


Ah. Duffers! (I have that pattern memorized now.) Love your color combination -- just perfect. And. . . now for some Downton Abbey!


I just made that pattern for the first time and I'm hooked. Have you found that they wear through? I"m used to the double-soled clog-types...


Gosh, those are super cute slippers! And Downton Abbey...TeamSybil!


I have never seen the pattern before. Nice. I wish I could wear these kinds of slippers in this house. I need hard soles for stone floors.
Last night's Downton Abdey is taped and waiting.

Cheryl S.

Cute! I really want to make a pair of those one of these days. Margene said she'd embroider them for me.


Duffers are all the rage! I may need to check them out.


I love them! And the colors are awesome.

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