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First time for everything

I'm on a new schedule at work where I take off a couple of hours early a couple of days a week; the idea is to use that time to hit the gym and still get home before bedtime. Heh. I normally work a 10-hour day and, well, I figure I'm doing good most days if I have the energy to throw in a load of wash when I get home -- especially in this dark time of the year. I do much better in the energy department in the warmer, brighter months.

Yesterday, I made my first-ever playlist at for cycling; actually, it's my first-ever playlist .period.!

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It made for a most enjoyable 36 minutes! I am iDeprived, so I purchased all the MP3s from Amazon, stored them on the cloud, and downloaded them to my phone.

Wow, a pretty eclectic list, eh? That's how I RPM! I meant to do them in reverse order, but that's how they landed in my phone and I didn't take time to fiddle.

It was soooooo cold last night, but we had Knit Night at the coffee shop, anyway. I wasn't the only one to brave the cold and we ended up with a nice group. It's never the same group, and I love that! I worked on seaming the little striped sweater and I should get that finished today!

Happy Weekend!




Music from the 80s kicks butt for working out. Even the 'kids', you know, in their 20s and 30s say so around here. Adele also has a couple of awesome songs. Good for you for hitting the gym.


I hope the shortened work day makes you happy!


You picked a great accompaniment to help you through a work out. It's great you've decided the best way to motivate yourself with music and the earlier hour. Way to go!


It is cold! I kinda miss my knit nights. One never did catch on in my new town, although a few of us tried.
These are the hibernating months - it's hard to be motivated after even a shortened day.


Music helps so much when working out! I had one INXS song that had the perfect tempo for the stepper machine. I would put it on repeat for the entire 20 minutes.

But the only song on your playlist that I remember is MJ's Beat It. The 80s were a bit a blur for me -- two little kids...


Big woot for you and the playlist! It's so funny you're in this world of trying to compile a good one; I've spent lots of hours in the past few weeks working on a good running playlist, one that gets me moving above and beyond my usual zones. Now that I'm relying on current dance hits--plus "Debaser" by The Pixies--I'm threatening to snap a hamstring with my enthusiasm.


Want to...great pick. I hit the treadmill Saturday with the headphones-which I never do and boy did the music make the difference. Ugh...doing what we need to do! ;-)

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