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Have I mentioned...

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...that I've been HEXed?

That's the first. I've knit two more since -- one of them two-tone -- and will just keep knitting them as long as I can stand it. They're great for knit-night and for carrying-along. It's like knitting wool candies, and I'm seriously going to try and enjoy that candy more than any other kind.

I'm not stuffing them, so they're not hexiPUFFS, because my intention would be a blanket or something like that and I like the feel and weight of just the wool. Also because I don't have any fill and I didn't want to wait. Heh.





Word Lily

They're so much fun! I started in November and am up to 90 hexi's so far.


ok good grief, vicki! that is a crazy amount of knitting... but it sure does look like fun


This is going to be interesting to watch! Color, color, color!


Ooooh, pretty!


oh my. i was wondering who was going to be the next to fall prey to the hex thing. I'm just so not into knitting blankets.


One day I want to do a worsted wieght version with no stuffing. One day...Maybe in Noro...


One of the women in my spinning group is making Hexipuffs, and I am enchanted with them. I think I'd like to do them in different colors, and then overdye them so they are all related. For some reason, I see this as a knitting/dyeing project (for me anyway!). It will be fun to see what you make with them!


Uh-oh, this might be something that I could obsess about... Not stuffing them, what a great idea!


I have been resisting the siren call of these evil little beings. And not stuffed would be for me, too. I understand how the pattern has them connected, but I'm thinking maybe a nice shawl (a lot smaller than a blanket sort of shawl). I seem to recall you have some seaming issues, so I think you might be the one to ask. Do you see these as a pain to stitch together? How bad? Bottle of tequila bad, or lots of coffee bad?


This is the first I have heard of these. Given my horror of sewing bits together, I will NOT be joining you no matter how much fun the hexes are to knit. The video at the linked site cracked me up -- she comes across as such a ditz, albeit a nice one who knits.

Sorry this sound so hypercritical. I don't mean it that way. Or maybe I do; I find myself rather crotchety these days. Enjoy your hexes, and I look forward to following your progress.

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