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Ten on Tuesday: Baby, Is It Cold Outside?


Here it is, possibly the cutest thing I've ever knit:

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I'll have to find someone to model them for me one of these days.


They're knit flat, sewn up and felted. I put them in a mesh laundry bag and threw them in a hot/cold cycle on my front-loader with some towels. I turned them inside-out and put them in the laundry bag again, and threw them in a warm/cold cycle along with some clothing. That was all it took to felt (as much as I wanted them to felt).


The ears were sewn on with some thread and, I have to tell you, I was really worried about the ears... they totally make the slippers and if they went wonky and weird, well, the whole project would be weird. I love how they turned out -- they're as good as I'd envisioned and hoped for! I think my ears are a little pointier than some, and one of them is actually a little shorter than the rest (because, as compulsive as I can be about counting, I can still get it wrong), but I figure that's how Mother Nature does it! Heh. I love how the one ear likes to cock to the side... listening.

What do you think? Pretty darn cute, eh?




My favorite parts are the fluffy tail... and the sleepy eyes. Love those eyes -- they make the slippers look as though they are ready for bed, too!


Absolutely adorable!


Those are precious!


What a darling pattern. Felted slippers are just the best, aren't they?


Pretty darn cute, for sure!


You have snow! The little bunnies are about the cutest thing I've ever seen! And, I've never knit anything quite that darling.


Very cute!


Very darned cute!


Oh. My. Goodness. They are so adorable and so sweet that. . . my teeth ache!!! Love them!


those are SO adorable!! I want a pair!


OOOH! So sweet. Must add to my grandmother hope chest.


Um, those hopsalots are ADULT-sized... they fit ME!! ;)

Linda Piotrowski

Those bunnies are totally adorable. I'm thinking I have to get the pattern. I've got two grandkids who would love them.


I love them Vicki! I so love the tails - perfectly fluffy! No wonder you are smiling...


So cute my head exploded!


They are so cute! I have a feeling those could multiply just like the real deal.


Came to you via Kmkat--and what a gorgeous blog; I've been enjoying reading your posts and admiring your amazing photos...all of which doesn't even touch on how killer those slippers are. I'd cut off my toes, Brothers Grimm style, just to fit in 'em.


These are so cute!!! I would make these for myself or M, but we have dogs. The bottoms would be matted with dog hair. :-(


how do I get the pattern for these slippers?

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