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The thing about joining a photo-a-day group is that there are photos taken everyday! Some are better than others, of course.

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I pinned out a kid sweater yesterday morning before my first Chi Kung class. And took a couple of pictures.

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It's the (free pattern) Hug Me Pullover knit in Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Washable Ewe instead of the called-for Alpaca Love! The yarns are nearly the same weight and "washable" seemed to go better with "kid sweater." I couldn't stand the loose, "homemade" look at the original gauge, though, so fiddled with numbers and knit it at a much tighter gauge. It looks much better and more "handmade" than "homemade." Also, with the better yardage, I used only one ball of each stripe color and have a nice scrap of each.

The dreaded sewing up and seaming shall soon commence... and wouldn't it be nice if it set me on a little roll with that!




Handmade is definitely better than homemade. I love how crisp and sharp your pins look in the first photo.


Love that sweater... just printed it out!!


That's a nice pattern. I agree with your assessment. I find that I always fiddle around with a tighter guage, especially on baby just seems like a better fit...I particularly don't care for chunky knits on a wee babe.

Cheryl S.

Love the colors you used, and good choice about using a tighter gauge.


Love your redesign and color choices. Cute sweater!


Nice color choices. May you get on "THAT" roll and stay there for awhile. I know you have quite a few seams to do!


Do you always block sweaters with such precision (using pins!) and before you sew? Hm... I always stitch the thing together, threw it into water, pull a bit here and there, and call it blocked. I'm impressed! (And feel a bit ashamed.)

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