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Hundertwasser hexis, and hamsters


I am so happy to be knitting some Hundertwasser hexagons -- three full ones in the near-upper right, so far, another with just a scrappy bit. I have not yet tired of the hexis.

They are pictured here with some paint chips under consideration for the kitchen. It hasn't been painted since it was finished -- quite a few years ago! It's a very dark, velvety, maroon-y red right now, and I love it... it's just been quite a few years.

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Mack was arranging the hexagons today and asked me if I could make a sweater for "Topper," his new hamster.





I LOVE the hexagons - the shape is awesome! Good luck with the hamster sweater; OMG LMAO - that kid is too darn cute!

Good luck with the kitchen painting. I would love to paint ours however it will require a fair amount of patching, renovating the old farm kitchen before painting can commence.


I've seen ferret patterns on ravelry...

Steph vw

Hamster sweaters? The cuteness boggles.


I'm smiling SO big . . . picturing the hamster sweater. (Because, y'know, you've got to try it!)


Doesn't the hamster have his own sweater? Maybe the hat would be the best.
The hexagon's are going to be fun to watch as they multiply!


I can't wait for the photo shoot of the hamster in his new sweater knit by Auntie Vickie.


Hamster sweater! Wonderful. And of course, Aunt Vickie could do it. She can knit anything. :)


Not exactly a hamster sweater, but maybe a hamster house instead? It looks like a a very easy baby hat, but you & Mack could certainly make it unique for Topper.


It's a well-known fact that hamsters LOVE to be stuffed into sweaters.

I'm just delighted to know the words "Hundertwasser hexagons."


I know people make sweaters for guinea pigs (not me, but "people") ....


The hexagon's are going to be fun to watch as they multiply!


oh you have to make a hamster sweater, vicki!

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