Ten on Tuesday: To Do

Knitting the sky

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It started out gray, but quickly brightened. Yay, sunny days!

I'm calling in Wisconsin [Modular] Sky... and I hope it works out as envisioned! One row (garter ridge) a day in a color that reflects the day's sky. It's wide open for interpretation and I have no problem buying or dyeing more yarn; I know I need a "white" yet, anyway, though snow has been scarce this year.

I'll know more in a few months... and will have to figure out how to mitre a corner again by then, too.

Because I'm kind of a dope -- and also sort of compulsive about counting and don't always remember things as I should and don't want to be counting increasing numbers of rows each day to determine whether I have or still need to knit a row that day -- I've tucked a little calendar into my work basket and will mark off the days...

All 366 of them.




ooh, this will be fun to watch grow!


That's such an awesome idea.


It will be fun to watch this grow. love the idea!


I predict at least 10 people will read your post and go digging around for that calendar from the insurance agent to add to their knitting basket. I like the idea of this, but no myself well enough to know it is a side-lines sort of project for me.


MItered corner? What is your overall pattern? I will look forward to watching this grow.


I bought a small calendar with a week at a glace. Everyday I write down the time and the color of the sky. That way if I'll remember even if I can't knit that day!


What a great idea. I cannot wait to see the end product.


I love this idea but i fear I need to stock up on shades of grey these days!


Marvelous project, Vicki!

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