Setting the world on fire
Duffers on the bed

Parcheesi on the bed

Today started out cloudy and gray and I didn't have much hope for better, and that's okay because I really had to put my head down and get some work done.

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Just before noon I went into our bedroom to get dressed and, as you can see, the sun was shining nicely. One of these sunny days, I'm going to spend the whole day in there. I just love that room when the sun shines. I've thought about moving our bedroom (again) to a different (the original) room and using this as a... I don't know, but a more useful everyday room. It's so nice and quiet in there, though, and sort of tucked away that it does work very well for a bedroom. One thing I love about my sort of remuddled old house is that there are so many chameleon rooms.




Enjoy the sun. We had snow today! Your room looks warm and cozy just from the slice you're showing!


Sounds very peaceful, Vicki. Having a sunny room is lovely, IMHO, especially this time of year. I suspect I was a house cat in a previous life. :D


It must be so fun to have all those options for room use. Our rooms seem to be stuck the way they are, even moving the furniture around is tricky here.

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