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Setting the world on fire

The sky was just gorgeous late Wednesday afternoon as I ran an errand for Ali. Naturally, all I had with me was my phone... as amazing as this looks, it was even more beautiful in person.

I hope to finish up a few things (seaming and otherwise) and cross a few things off of the To-Do List in my head. Not to worry, there are plenty of other things rushing in waiting to fill in the empty spaces. I need to make some good progress or there's gonna be some panic happening and that's not good.

Happy weekend!



Aren't winter sunsets glorious? I noticed a particularly nice one here yesterday.


That is amazing!!


That's a gorgeous sunset. I'm tackling my to do list today - it's nice to have it full of "regular" things instead of holiday things. I have changed the sheets, done a load of towels, gone grocery shopping and gone to the bank. Next up a walk!


Hm...I think I'd love to to make a sunset sky scarf...I'd be more likely to wear such colors!


Gorgeous! The sun can do amazing things when on the horizon. Panic isn't good for the soul, but crossing things off the list is.


So lovely. I'm reading this as the light is coming up this morning.


all credit to the creator of that sunset! Don't you love when you catch something like that? It happened to JR and I once as we were driving to a dinner engagement. We had to stop and pull over and just enjoy a sunset we imagined was created just for our pleasure at that moment. And of course, we only had our phone cameras....

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