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Ten on Tuesday: To Do

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things I Want To Do In 2012

Web-2011-12-31 19.23.07
Random photo -- among the 2011's last -- from New Year's Eve!

1. Plan A Trip. At this time last year, I was in the throes of planning our trip to England, Scotland, and Wales. It was the first time a) I ever traveled overseas, b) planned a trip of such magnitude, c) to a place(s) I'd never been before, d) for so many adults (each with an opinion of their own). It -- the planning -- was so much fun!

2. Take A Trip. Not necessarily the above-planned. It doesn't have to be big or out of the country, but maybe to a part of the country I've never been. The Northeast? That's been talked about. Maybe through Canada? That's been talked about, too. Might be the ticket...

3. Move More. I'm beginning a 6-week session of Qigong (Chi Kung) tomorrow! It's held right upstairs from the coffee shop... and I'm taking Ali with me!

3. Bike More. I can't wait to do the Ride For Nature again this year! That was such a great event. I'm not quite up for a Century yet, but I should be able to pull off 50 -- and that's my goal. I didn't ride as much as I'd have liked last summer because of atrocious heat and humidity -- I am *so* a fair-weather rider, it's not even funny -- so let's hope for better this year. I will, no doubt, be doing the triathlon relay again in August with my sisters, too.

4. Lose it. Seriously. Twenty-five pounds would be a nice, reasonable, totally do-able start.

5. 366. I'm participating in Project 366 (2012) -- one of many year-long, photo-a-day groups at Flickr. This one is freestyle, which fits my style.

6. Simplify & Decrapify. This is an on-going, life-long, never-ending practice around here.

7. Sew/Quilt. I've had the pieces for a quilt cut out for months now. I need to configure my space and push the sewing machine pedal to the metal! For added inspiration, I've also signed up for Block Of The Month (it's free!) on Craftsy (where there's something for everyone!).

8. Finish Some UFOs. Must I go into gory details? Highland Tempest (seaming). Oblique (seaming). Habu for Me (seaming). Transverse (finding my place without a lifeline). The list goes on and on and on, all the way to Cromarty. Wait a sec... Cromarty was never even entered on my Ravelry project page! Heh.

9. Strive for Fulfillment, Happiness, Joy, Creativity. Colorfully working on that.

10. Be Bold.



Great list - seems to be a seaming theme with the UFO's ;)

Stephanie VW

I'm putting in a plug for the Northeast - specifically Halifax, Nova Scotia - where you would have a free accommodations at my house. :)

Come in August or September. That's when the weather is nice and the whales are hanging about the Bay of Fundy. It's only an hour's drive from Halifax to the Bay and the Annapolis Valley (which is full of artists and magical places) where you can see the bay and learn about Les Acadiens and Le Grand Derangement (the expulsion, not the band), and ice wine... And, and, and...

Well, if that doesn't tempt you, then:
WOOL SHOPS! LUCY NEATBY! ILGA LEJA! UBERWENCH! PEI! ANN OF GREEN GABLES! LOBSTER! CAPE BRETON HIGHLANDS (that should be the biggest pull - the highlands are Canada's version of Scotland and we even have our own whiskey.)


You could always come to Massachusetts. We have lovely beaches. Ahem.


you have inspired me with your 10 things to do in 2012. I think I might steal it!!!


I really enjoyed your list. Not sure where you've already been, but I'd recommend Montana or Maine for a trip.


Totally doable, all of it.
I can't believe the seaming is the only thing holding you back on the knitting- Vicki!
(I vote for Canada, too!)


I love your list. I am with you on all of them...except #1. I live abroad, so for me, the trip is coming home to the States.

I love to seam sweaters! Come visit Tokyo and bring those sweater pieces with you!

Happy New Year!


These are great, Vicki. I second Carole's idea -- come here -- we can sew, knit and BE BOLD!!! xoxox Happy New Year!


Great list, and totally doable! I'm with you on item #4. Perhaps we can "lose it" together? Happy New Year!!


Great list, Vicki! And, I loved traveling with you to Scotland last year on your blog. I will look forward to another trip!


Is it me? I seem to see a theme in #7 and #8. My secret to getting those done is to take advantage of when hubby is away. I can get the mess out and live with it while I just crank out the sewing. Maybe you need to plan a trip for your DH? LOL


I'm officially adding decrapify to my vocabulary and possibly considering it as a practice! And...we have road trip as the possible trip this year (Kentucky - Tennessee area). Putting the vote in for the northeast - it's pretty special!


Decrapify! Yes! I love it! Great list, Vicki. Sounds like a perfect plan for the new year.

Marsha gibbons

Hi, I looked at the photo a day and was interested. I signed in but then started looking around and couldn't figure it out. Everyone is posting LOTS of photos every day. I thought it might be one special photo of the day. To me, that would be more meaningful than an album a day. I am probably not understanding.


I'm going to sit right here and watch you DO everything on your list! You'll share with us, won't you!?


I LOVE your list. It resonates such a centering energy. It inspires me to make a list of my own.

Even though I live in Ontario we have been to the East Coast many times and I agree with Stephanie that you would love it - gorgeous, infinite photo taking possibilities. We particularly loved our trip to Newfoundland - stunning.

Happy 2012!

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