Did ya catch that?

What a difference a day makes

School was let out at noon here on Wednesday and the place was crawling with kids. Seriously, it was like the entire middle school walked up, en masse, to the coffee shop for lunch. I noticed one big group of kids spending the afternoon on a spread-out blanket on someone's driveway. I heard that people were actually golfing in the land of The Frozen Tundra!

Yep. Here's yesterday afternoon from the back door/deck of the coffee shop:


Bright spot


It's been pretty great not having to worry about snow and ice and shoveling -- as I walked up our back door yesterday, I realized that our shovels haven't even been brought out yet this year -- but the longer it goes, the more worrisome it becomes. I am not a farmer, but farming must be in my DNA (with a maiden name that means "flower," I suppose it could be -- "gardening," at least) because I worry about deep freezes without sufficient snow cover to insulate the soil.

And world peace. I worry about that, too.

Happy Winter!

P.S. Tune in tomorrow for possibly the cutest thing I've ever knit.

Possibly . Cutest . Thing . Evah !!



so lovely. only a tiny bit of this Southern girl wishes we'd have some snow again this winter. that October blizzard was enough.


We had a dusting the other morning but that's been it for us. It's not completely unusual here but it's still a bit unsettling. I worry about world peace, too. My wish at Christmas was "peace on friggin' earth, already!)"


It's a brown winter here too (ND) and you are right...the winter wheat probably won't make it with no snow cover and now below zero temps. Uff.
World peace would be a good thing! :D


Our weather has been freakishly wierd this winter. We finally had a 'snow' storm yesterday but there is so little white stuff on the ground. Today a little more but again not normal.

World peace would be a miracle.


I worry about the lake levels and the effect on the resorts.


Wednesday was marvelous in a purely hedonistic way but I am glad of our snow. I think we got about 4 or 5 but with the wind it is hard to say.



This has been a very weird winter, that's for sure. (Although there is plenty of snow falling today. . .)


We had only a dusting last week but it's been cold enough the traces are hanging around. We're worried for all the reason you are, and add in the ski resorts and lake levels (drinking water). Hopefully winter will come visit for awhile next week. I'm waiting, waiting, waiting for your cutest thing eveh!!


We rural people also worry about our drain field freezing. There was a winter about 6 - 8 years ago with little snow and sub-zero temps. It was the first such winter since we had our new septic system installed. We were very, very happy to find that ours didn't freeze, although many others had problems. Sheer luck on our part, I think.

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