Nothing is certain


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I could survive on a desert isle for a long, long time on nothing but Cheerios and ham & cheese sub sandwiches.

Hopefully a desert isle with lime trees because, yes, Corona Light, too!

That's my beverage cozy at work, though it's never cozying the Corona at work.

Just in case you were wondering.

There were no hamster visits over the weekend, and I was very singularly focused on whatever task was presently at hand. I not only did no dyeing, I did no laundry, either. I will pay for that.




Make mine salami & cheese and we'd be a happy pair!


I hope you managed to knit at least one red ridge though! :)


Cheerios and Wheaties! Oh, how I miss them! I had a four day weekend. No laundry here, either. But, I did knit, visit the mountains and do a lot of relaxing. Hopefully you were able to relax and/or knit!


Loved Cheerios as a kid! Can't drink beer and my favourite sandwich on a desert island would be tuna (which probably wouldn't be too great with all the sand!).


wait! I will join you for that Corona! I'll bring the nachos!

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