Ten on Tuesday: Make mine dark


...or momentary lack thereof.

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A quick pic snapped last night for the photo-a-day project. Shades of gray and black. There'll be a bit more of that before it gets exciting with the addition of red!

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I was very surprised the other day -- Valentine's Day -- when I gathered some of the other yarn I've dyed red or pink for a photo shoot. It was more than I thought! Not surprising, though, when I thought about it. If you looked in my closet you'd see mostly black and gray with a few pops of color, most of which are red or pink!

And even more yesterday... drying now.

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I can't let this day pass without saying HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY to Alison and KC&T!! Three years ago today, she opened the door after enlisting a small army for a weekend transformation of a coffee shop... which has never really stopped. No moss grows under that girl! There's always something fun and new.

I'll be knitting there tonight and I wish y'all could come over!!




I'd love to come , bit of a hike though. I'll be knitting on my couch.
Congrats to Allie!


Oh oh oh,,, the suspense,,,, be quiet my heart!

Mazal Tov to Alison and many more happy returns. I wish I was close enough to come knit with you it sure sounds like the perfect place for a lovely knit night with the girls.


I'll be knitting with you in spirit! It's a dream of mine to someday visit Alison in her coffee shop.
You are becoming quiet an amazing dyer of yarn. Your tone on tone shades rival any professional!


I wish I could be there.


I'd love to knit there with you. Congrats to Alison on 3 years!


can't believe it's been 3 years! WOW - Congratulations Alison.


So wish I could be there to celebrate! Congratulations Alison! (And love all those POPS of color, Vicki!)

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