"I wish I had a hamster"

Kitty on the bed

image from www.flickr.com

Roxie. 1) It's pretty rare to find a kitty on my bed these days, as we keep our bedroom closed most of the time. Used to be we'd sometimes have all three cats and a dog on the bed, in addition to ourselves. 2) She's usually camera shy, but perhaps realized that her best chance of escaping eviction was to cooperate. It was cozy and warm... I let her stay put, just as I let her brother the other day.

image from www.flickr.com

I had a good weekend, nothing too spectacular... bookkeeping, some tax-related stuff, a wee bit o' thrift shopping, some dyeing and knitting, a little football, Downton Abbey. I started a cowl, but I'm not crazy about the yarn... at least not for this project. I can always knit a hexi or two while pondering the possiblities.

The hamster sweater was posted on Saturday and, with any luck, Mack might get it today. Crazy old Aunt Vic...




Mason sleeps on our bed a lot, I think the down comforter makes it very cozy for him.

Amy J

I think having aunts that are KIND (not crazy) enough to make a hamster a cozy is a wonderful thing! I bet you made his day :)


Our cats switch off between their beds in the windows-on-three-sides-plus-two-skylights room and our beds. We have to keep the bedroom door closed now when we leave the house to prevent the new dog from dragging out t-shirts and shoes and anything else that strikes her fancy. The cats do not approve of this arrangement, but they disapprove of anything with the word "dog" in it.


She looks a bit wary but I'll bet it was just too nice and cozy for her to move. Mack must love his Crazy Aunt Vic with abandon! He will when the mail arrives, in any case!


A tortie! I love torties so much. Mine is called Chica.


Love the photos. Roxie looks pretty much . . . one-with-the-bed. . .


Blissed-out Roxie. Looks good to me. Wish I could go back to bed. Ah, cat have it made.


She looks very comfortable and loathe to leave...Both The Meezer and The Tonk sleep on my bed, but Meeze has a pillow next to my head that is "HERS!"
You weekend sounds divine!

Robin F.

Roxie has your eyes (LOL). She looks comfy. My kitty loves to sleep on the bed or lately on the vent for heat during the day.


Love the photos of the cat. We put a cover on our duvet cover because we always have a dog on the bed ... they can be pretty indignant when Ed blocks them from getting in (a baby gate usually). And good old crazy Aunt Vic ... I am still chuckling over the hamster jumper! To get a package in the mail is like gilding the lily .. you sure know how to give a kid a good time.

Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area

Despite the five-hour drive, my son's cat loves to come visit our house. I think it's a combination of the three bedrooms (all with different views and sunbathing times) and the stash room, with bins of yarn and fabric topped with miscellaneous rolls of quilt batting.

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