Where do I begin?
The bullet list

Eight! It's cause for celebration!

As of today, the First Day of Spring, I'm celebrating eight years of blogging! I've written nearly 2,200 posts and read almost 19,000 comments during that time! I wish I could say that I replied to all those comments, but I know I did not. Every comment is important, of course (sometimes they literally provide fuel for the fire), and I hope that I've at least replied to all of the comments most in need of reply -- those in search of an answer, an opinion, even advice!

Also, as of last weekend I'm celebrating seven years quit! It's likely that I'd have quit smoking, anyway, at some point and for one reason or another, but it sure was more "fun" to do it with my fellow blogger/quitter Ann, her friend Claire and my sister Karen, and with the encouragement offered by bloggers, not the least of whom was Cara! We did good. I don't get those anniversary emails anymore, but 7 years x 365 days = 2,555 x 1 pack/day @ $5 ea. = $12,775.00 saved and 51,100 cigarettes not smoked -- and that's a rather conservative cost average.


It's been a fun ride!

* * * * *

In March 2008, I wrote about my 4-year blogiversary and posted mosaics representing four years of blogging People, Places, Things, and Knitting Things and asked, "Four more years???"

Welp, yeah.

image from www.flickr.com

PEOPLE: 1. Creme Brulee Smile, 2. Peek-a-boo on the train, 3. Cuteness personified, 4. M is for Maddy, 5. Partial evidence, 6. Everybody jump?, 7. Happy Birthday, Maddy!, 8. Sisters jumping for joy, 9. Three out of four, 10. My sisters, 11. Katie's Malabrigo Scarf, 12. Flat Stanley (focus on Ali), 13. Tattoo 2, 14. Laugh, 15. Sweetness and light, 16. Slip of the tongue, 17. See my shell?, 18. R at the tip of the Door, 19. Maddy -- 6-3-09, 20. Looking to the right, 21. Boys in the house!, 22. Li'l Rascal, 23. Oh! That's funny!, 24. Fits like a dream, 25. Farmers' Market: Week 2: Fun, 26. Kids...lake...take 2, 27. Birthday sisters, 28. Sisters in summer, 29. Not so imaginary anymore, 30. Happy Birthday!, 31. Millennium Bridge, 32. Our tour guide, 33. Plume poppy gets a hug, 34. 070-of-366 / Twist, 35. With Annie, 36. 077-of-366

image from www.flickr.com

PLACES: 1. Farmers Market, 2. Ringside at the rollercoaster, 3. Rows of Shingles, 4. Makin Hay, 5. Beach at Montauk, 6. Stone steps, 7. Art - You Are Here, 8. At the beach - tiltshift, 9. The charming old sign, 10. Dried weeds on the right, 11. Him again, 12. Wisconsin's Eastern Lakeshore, 13. Reflection, 14. Into the woods, 15. Kate & Mads, 16. Osh Vegas Palms Resort, 17. Morning has broken, 18. KC&T, 19. Inspiration, 20. Tippy canoe!, 21. Glorious, 22. Milwaukee lakeshore, 23. Cable car, 24. Seafood Department, 25. On a not-so-clear day, 26. Geocache I, 27. The South-side from the North-, 28. Westminster Abbey, 29. Portencross Castle, 30. Highlands, 31. Drive, 32. Redbud in Mom's wildflower garden, 33. Kate in the middle of the road, 34. Our tour guide, 35. Iowa sky, 36. Silver Lake

image from www.flickr.com

THINGS: 1. Ali's back, 2. Tools of the trade, 3. Spring.3, 4. 365.102, 5. Measuring cups with reamer, 6. Artisan Bread!, 7. Rock collector, 8. 6-point Buck, 9. Life jacket, 10. Christmas Reading, 11. New, 12. Heart in sun and shadow, 13. Veggies & Cream Cheese, 14. What time is it?, 15. Pin cushion, 16. WSD, 17. Ollie, 18. Oh, so good, 19. Growth, 20. Ruth Asawa knitted sculpture, 21. Fruit, 22. Breakfast is served, 23. Chickens, 24. Adorable, 25. Elvir, 26. Strawberries, 27. Eggs in shades of green (mostly), 28. Dragonfly, 29. Sunflower, 30. It rained, 31. 023-of-366, 32. 032-of-366, 33. 035-of-366, 34. 040-of-366, 35. 042-of-366, 36. 078-of-366

image from www.flickr.com

KNITTING THINGS: 1. Juno Regina II, 2. Cables on the heel, 3. Heel-Toe Two, 4. Kevin's Hat, 5. Hat/Vintage Button II, 6. Afghani cap, 7. Hat, 8. Circles in wool and cotton, 9. Cat Bordhi, 10. Kari-Bak Scarf, 11. Noro Entrelac Scarf, 12. Front, 13. Fiddlehead finito, 14. Back view, 15. Diaper Cover, 16. Lap blanket, 17. Finished!, 18. Seaman's Square Cap I, 19. Hat's Not Another Noro Scarf, 20. Tempest, 21. Ragtop 1+2, 22. Green squares on blue chair, 23. Cerasifera on the trellis, 24. Asymmetrical, 25. Coconut buttons, 26. Closure, 27. Christmas booties, 28. 008-of-366, 29. 014-of-366, 30. Hug me in the snow, 31. 026-of-366, 32. 029-of-366, 33. 035-of-366, 34. web-IMG_1709, 35. Color Affection, 36. 069-of-366

* * * * *

I have made some of the most amazing friendships, had exciting adventures, did some travelling, received a shower or two of love and support as a result of blogging -- I'd never have experienced some of those things to such an extent had it not been for this near-daily ramble. Sometimes a slog, after the pros and cons are measured and considered, it is still very much worth it.

It wouldn't be a celebration without presents, would it? I invite you to join my party by leaving a comment to this post by midnight (CST) Friday to tell me what blogging has done for you, whether you're a writer or a reader.

A random winner will be drawn for a woolly hand-dyed prize. It's likely that the 19,000th comment will be made during that time, too, and I think that's probably a good enough reason for another!!

As always, thank you so very much for reading, and for your comments and emails.

Four more years?



kelli ann

Congratulations on 8 years of blogging! I currently have 2 blogs: had a family-crafty one before but now am focusing on the site I maintain for work, our school cafeteria's blog; and a fundraiser for Elliot's hockey tournaments this year.

For me, blogs have opened up my world (creatively:: who knew there were so many people out there, thinking about the same stuff I was?) -- I have met some fine folks (online and in person) and enjoyed the conversations & debates that I find... on foodie blogs, kids' music havens, crafting collectives... and the ones that intersect... I can get very annoyed (when things get petty) but enjoy the journaling aspect of blogging much better than my brief but intense stint w Facebook. People take the time on the blogs I tend to read because they care deeply about their chosen subject. And obvs I spend a lot of time thinking about this!


I look forward to reading your blog, looking at your beautiful pictures and being inspired to do a better job shooting my own photos.

Congratulation on 8 years, and I look forward to many, many more!


Everyone says that blogging has brought them new friends, and it has become (in my mind) a cliche. But it is true. I have made friends from Australia to England; I feel like I know something about Canadians now; and I have a ready source of knowledgeable knitters to offer their ideas and solutions when I ask.

I think my writing has improved, too. Maybe not the actual writing, but the speed and ease at which I do it. Happy, happy -- blogging is fun!


Eight years! And I have read every post! You and I started blogging around the same time, I think. I loved your writing and your photography from the beginning....congrats, Vick!


Congrats! We're the class of 2004! I say, at LEAST 4 more years...


I know I am way late on this but congratulations on your milestones! Both are very damn impressive. Incredible what you haven't spent on cigarettes not smoking. I LOVE the mosaics - your photos are always an inspiration to me. Here's to another 4 years!

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