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Happy Friday!

Shopping with Madeleine

I'm going shopping with Maddy this morning. And, yes, it's worthy of a blog post. I can't remember the last time we went shopping together. She always hated shopping -- never even liked going to the grocery store. If she knew we were going to the grocery store, though, she'd never fail to put in her request demand for a Little Debbie Zebra Cake. She shops more now but usually at thrift stores, where it's more "treasure hunt" than "shopping trip." There's a difference.

So, anyway, shopping and maybe lunch! It'll be good to spend some time with her. She's living under our roof, but I probably see her the least.

I have a doctor appointment this afternoon (just a long-overdue visit) and book club this evening.

There's my day off!




Your day sounds like a perfectly wonderful way to spend a day off!

Robin F.

I have a DD like that- she is just learning to like shopping.
Enjoy your day off. hope your weather is as beautiful as ours.


Enjoy your time together!


Not liking shopping is quite a virtue these days don't you agree? Our situation would have been much better if more people were like her!

I hope you had a good day with her whatever you end up doing :)


Sounds lovely. Enjoy your day.

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