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Ten on Tuesday: C'mon, Get Happy!

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Songs That Put You In A Great Mood

There are so many more than 10. It's unseasonably warm here right now, it feels like SPRING! These are (some of) the songs that make me want to roll down the windows, turn up the volume, and step on the gas!

1. The Boys of Summer - Don Henley

2. Celebrate - Kool & The Gang

3. We Are Family - Sister Sledge

4. Working for the Weekend - Loverboy

5. Love Shack - B52s

6. Tighter & Tighter - Alive & Kicking

7. Tainted Love - Soft Cell

8. Call Me - Blondie

9. Every Little Kiss - Bruce Hornsby & The Range

10. Barbara Ann - The Beach Boys

11. Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show - Neil Diamond

12. Daydream Believer - The Monkees

13. Come On Get Happy - The Partridge Family

14. The Rain, The Park, and Other Things - The Cowsills

15. King of The Road - Roger Miller



Kristi aka FiberFool

OOoo, I like your list! A good mix of classics and a few songs I'm not familiar with. I'm looking forward to sampling music this week :-) Thanks for sharing!


Today we're warm but cloudy. I hear winter is coming again and I need a few tunes to make me happy. Let's dance!


So many great choices there! We are Family, Love Shack, and King of the Road...I remember getting that 45 when I was home sick from school as a kid!


Your list is awesome, Vicki! It wouldn't be a wedding without We Are Family! And Love Shack is awesome and King of the Road too!


Love this list...and I had no idea that's what the title of #14 was!


Great list! I love Daydream Believer too....Isn't it so sad about Davy? He was my husband when I was in 2nd grade.


Such great songs, all! (I can't believe I forgot Love Shack on my list. Really. One of the happiest songs around.)

Robin F.

Great list but gotta add "59th st. bridge" song by Simon and Garfunkel


Wow! Love the Cowsills, then and now, but I do not remember them having such horrifically bad teeth!


I love the you included C'mpn get Happy by the Partidge Family!


"Celebrate" is absolutely one of my all time faves! Just makes me happy and I want to, have to, move! Love that you included some clips so we could sing along...

Stephanie VW

Great list! Loverboy - heh heh. So awesome.

One of my "kitchen dance party" songs that I think you might like is "I Gotta Bicycle" by Coco Love Alcorn.


Tainted Love -- one of my favorite songs EVAH! And I love pretty much every other one of your songs, too :-)

kelli ann

Whoo, some CanCon too! And Mike Reno and his red leather pants make me happy too, make me want to go on a road trip...


LOVE your list. I'm literally dancing in my chair as I write this!


I could have had every one of your songs on my list! I love it! I really want to do this every Tuesday.

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