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Ten on Tuesday: What's in the bag?

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things In Your Purse

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1. My Samsung Smart Phone -- not pictured because it's taking the picture! I also carry the USB cable/charger in my purse.

2. Wallet -- checkbook, coin purse, lots of pockets inside and out. If it fit in my pocket, I'd be a happy girl.

3. Eyeglass case for prescription bifocal sunglasses.

4. A book of matches for no reason -- a recent, mindless addition, methinks.

5. In the drug store aisle: Airborne, Advil, Eucerin Calming Creme, eyeglass wipes & bandages, tiny disposable toothbrushes. The toothbrushes are also new, after realizing one day at work that I'd somehow forgotten to brush my teeth that morning. Isn't happening again (and I can't remember when it happened before, but must Be Prepared!).

6. Pens and Sharpie.

7. Scissors. I don't usually carry scissors around with me, but they're pretty handy. A small folding pair, or blunt-tip, would probably be better.

8. Keys. A bunch for work on a not-always-working (and, really, too-small) mini calculator keychain -- it was a gift from my insurance company on the 1st anniversary of the quit (7th anniversary is quickly approaching!). My car "key" isn't even a key -- I just have to have it on me when I push the "Start" button -- and the front-door house key is on the chain with Sharon's copper heart.

9. Shell, rocks, and shards from England-Scotland-Wales, and "I {heart} London" keychain/bottle opener, all of which I've been needlessly carrying around for almost a year.

10. A small notebook and two USB drives. My favorite is the tiny LEGO-shaped drive. Love.

11. Kleenex. A brand new pack in the cute sock-yarn tissue holder that kmkat gave me a few years ago.

12. One of my two pairs of Ragtop Mitts.

13. A small Omanhene dark chocolate bar. I buy one nearly every morning at the coffee shop to have at lunchtime.

14. Lavishea "The Yarn Bar" lotion bar -- not my favorite scent, but love the small size for my purse.

There are a few other miscellaneous little things, but that's the bulk of it. For a long time I didn't carry a purse because of shoulder, neck and back pain, and I think I'm going to be moving in that direction again.

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I was reminded of this photo from a few years ago:

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Knitting tools... exact same scissors!




no point & shoot camera other than the smart phone? I'm so loaded down with electronics (ipod touch & nano, nook, camera, phone, assorted chargers) I am thinking of investing in wheels for my purse ;)


Airborne is a God send! Saves my butt almost every time.

Hmm-a toothbrush. Not a bad idea.


Okay, the first thing I have to say is THANK YOU for posting that photo of the items from your knitting notions bag. I was so sure we had done this Ten on Tuesday topic before and I even remembered your picture but then I searched my archives and realized we hadn't done it and decided I was nuts. I might still be nuts but at least I'm not nuts about this.


I guess since I said the FIRST thing I have to say is, that means I should say at least one other thing and that is: the contents of your purse are remarkably neat and orderly. And you have good stuff in there.


Everyone carries so much in their purses (including me), it's no wonder we have shoulder problems! My purse is smaller and I bet there is more stuffed into mine. hmmm


Love this....must do it when I get home tonight!


I guess I'm a rare one that carries a small purse with lots of separate compartments so I know what is in each pocket - just essentials.
Also my purse has to sling across so I am hands free.
I've got it down to a science. I just can't tolerate the rooting around to find something in a cavern with a lint filled bottom.
I love the disposable toothbrush idea. I'm sure I could fit those in!


I am trying to become minimalist in the purse carrying department...we just carry around too much stuff!


I have the same little flashdrive . . . only mine is pink! (I don't have the WAY TOO FUN Lego flashdrive, though.)

I go through minimalist-purse-phases and haul-it-all-purse-phases. (I just like bags too much to give them up for long, though.)


that lego usb drive is awesome! and I love how you make such a neat display of everything. organization is a gift! (I think 10 favorite knitting tools would be a great ToT topic - you and I have a few in common!)


I love the lego usb drive and your owl notebook.


I recognized the tissue cozy as soon as the photo popped up, mainly because I have a pair socks just like it ;-) I need to start carrying my flash drive with me; Dropbox is not always handy. Must reinstall my toothbrush into my purse...

Timothy Mclaney

I guess it's great to have an on-the-go toothbrush every time. That awkward moment when you remember you had forgotten to brush your teeth earlier in the morning is definitely not a good feeling! Those who are always busy should take this advice into full consideration.


I love those little "to go" toothbrushes! Those I keep in a little cosmetic bag in my car! Girl, you've got it all!

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