Eight! It's cause for celebration!
Thursday sky

The bullet list

  • Due to the sudden onset of "summer," there are turtlenecks, tank tops, and everything in between comingling in my closet-of-very-limited-space. It's all too soon, it's all a jumble and I don't really like it!
  • I'd joked about the possibility a week ago, then made an appointment on Tuesday that sealed it: I have/had a doctor/lab/screening appointment of some sort every day-off Wednesday in March.
  • The good news is that if the scales at these various offices are synchronized, I've dropped a few pounds in the last couple of weeks.
  • I'm picking up yarn and pattern tonight to do my first-ever test knitting. It's for a local designer I've known for a few years. I may have nudged her a while back about the sizing of her garments. I'm very excited to do this!

image from www.flickr.com

  • The loom is warped! The Brio loom is a little different than the Schacht Cricket Loom that I've watched Angela demonstrate in her Rigid Heddle Weaving (use that link for a discount on enrollment) class on Craftsy. I think I'm using the correct terminology when I say that the Cricket's detached rigid heddle is also used as the beater. The Brio's heddle is tied on to the loom frame and moves only up and down; the beater is a separate thing altogether, is permanently attached (stapled) to the frame, and moves only back and forth. I had to thread the warp through the beater as well as the heddle -- an extra step.
  • The Brio is a complicated toy.
  • I'm coveting the Cricket.
  • I'm sure, once the original warp was used up on the Brio, it was way too complicated for even a 10-year-old to start again. And her mother... the one with an 8- and 4-year-old to boot... was lucky to string together two sentences much less warp a loom using written directions and a few line drawings.
  • Have I mentioned how much I love technology? I love online tutorials and classes.
  • Also time that is mostly my own, even if it's never enough, and grown children. I love them, too.
  • Thanks for all the 'versary wishes! The 19,000th comment has been recorded! There's still 36+/- hours to leave a comment for the random prize drawing -- but you must leave it here.



Robin F.

Good job with the loom and the weight loss.
I'm thinking about a new carry around project but ideas keep jumping out and running away. I have too many options and need to stop and fondle the yarn.


Sounds like you are really busy in a good way!:)


My closet looks like that, too. "Season change" is always hard on my closet, but this year? It's really something else! :-) Love the loom. And great news about the health-scheduling and weight loss!


I'm pulling out sandals tomorrow as we're finally warming a bit.
The loom looks a bit daunting. Good for you in sticking with it and figuring it out. You must have caught the weaving bug good if you're willing to put in so much work!


I love that photo of the loom. This weather is very confusing, I don't know what to wear and my feet are definitely not ready for sandals!


Can't wait to see what you do on the loom! I got mine all warped and started, then got sidetracked. I think part of the problem may be that I can't (instantly) get the sort of results I expect from my knitting ;^)


good busy. and good for you for taking care of yourself. I need to get four appts scheduled for myself - first one in april!


A loom looks like such fun.
I'm sure a turtleneck day is still in the cards along with the sandal days. I don't like going back and forth, either.


Yay for losing a few pounds!!! I'm working on that too, and guess how? I have a stationary BICYCLE...if this works out, I might have to buy a road bike. No promises yet.
What is it with all these yarnies going to weaving? I've heard the siren call of the loom for more than 20 years, and so far have beaten it back...but you all aren't playing fair. I keep seeing these wondrous looms all neatly warped with interesting things on them, and coming OFF of them.


I know what you mean about the closet sitch, it's like my wardrobe has multiple personality disorder or something. Sandals and flip-flops and boots, oh my! :)


I love that you are using the Brio Loom. Btw, if you keep an eye out on http://www.ravelry.com/groups/warped-weavers-marketplace and http://www.ravelry.com/groups/used-tools--equipment-classifieds , you could easily pick up a used Cricket and there would added bells and whistles from the previous owners like extra heddles and accessories. I have helped several friends by a rigid heddle loom on Ravelry. Btw, Lion Brand sells the Cricket and it's the cheapest I have seen when they are in stock. I am thinking of getting the Cricket so I could teach Melody. The 24" Kromski Harp that I have is too big for a little girl. But they just released a 15" Cricket, so I am undecided.

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