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It's the first of our April birthdays today! Twenty-five years ago, Alison made the scene. Here I will try to fit a completely random selection of photographs to a spur-of-the-moment idea for a post. (Because the well-planned blog this is mostly not.)


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There was a very prominent "balance beam" in our yard for a couple of summers! It was like she couldn't keep her feet on the ground. These days, she's more active -- and athletic -- than ever! Walking, biking, and even running!!


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There was a time when you could say that there was no love lost between these two. I always wonder what difference a 2-year rather than a 4-year gap would've made! We all survived, and I'm so happy that my daughters are all such good friends.


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There are benefits to having a tall, narrow container vs. a low, wide container when playing Drop The Clothespin In The Bucket... but it doesn't look like she was interested in strategy and the finer points of the game, does it? I'm not sure what Katie's container looked like -- she's obviously getting plenty of "help" from her other cousin.


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A smile that lights up the room.


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The creativity is in their genes, plus they grew up surrounded by objets d'art, in addition to so many objects for making art. I can't tell what's in her hand here, but the cigar box is full of colored pencils. One of our best finds ever was a huge roll-end of paper, and I think there are still dozens of life-size tracings of the kids stuck between the basement joists.


Give me an N!

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What does it spell? ALISON!

Happy Birthday wishes to the Nth degree to my beautiful second-born!!




Happy Birthday, Alison! May your day be full of fun!!


We had 3 April birthdays at our house growing up. Mom, Sis and me. Then, I married an April birthday! Poor Dad, at least in April.


Great idea for a birthday post! Happy Birthday to Alison!

Robin F.

Happy Birthday to Alison! At our house one of the traditions on a birthday is for me to tell "the story of the day you were born". My kids love to hear it every year and won't let me leave out a single detail.


A belated mazal tov to Alison and you too. What a lovely trace a life in photos you made for her, pure delight!

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