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Ten on Tuesday: Honey, I'm home!

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The second of our April birthdays is today -- Earth Day! Twenty-seven years ago, Katie made me a mom for the first time. As established a few days ago, I will try to fit a completely random selection of photographs to a spur-of-the-moment idea for a post. (Because the well-planned blog this is mostly not.)


Give me a K!

I remember snapping a series of photos this day -- all of them goofy and engaging, it was the day she decided she liked the camera! This was out on the enclosed patio in our house at Cape Meares. After spending the first week of her life at a motel, this was her first home.


Give me an A!

We were only a couple of blocks from the beach -- closer than we would have been had a bunch of streets not been swallowed up by the ocean over the years. I used to work on Saturdays, so Kate and her dad spent a lot of Saturdays looking like this.


Give me a T!

Really, could she be any cuter?


Give me an I!

Well, yes, I guess she could!  ;)


Give me an E!

Web-2012-04-02 10.54.38
What does it spell? KATIE!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful first-born!


We'll be celebrating all the birthdays tonight -- there will be cake!




Best wished to Katie! April's a great month - we've got a double coming up next week, mine was earlier, and my grandmother's birthday was also in April :^)


Happy Birthday to the birthday girls! Cake, mmmmmm!


Gives me a little tingle. Beautiful babies. . . grow up to be beautiful girls. . . and even more beautiful women! What a wonderful month for you all. Happy birthday to all your lovely daughters --- and happy mom-day to you!


PS . . . I know exactly where that last photo was snapped. One of my favorite spots in the world! :-)


Happy Birthday to your girls! They are such beautiful women! Good reason you are such a proud mama. Enjoy the cake!


All the best to Kate and her mom too!

I love the hair color - my father was a red head too :)


Best birthday wishes to all those beautiful girls! 27 years, huh? time flies!


Happy Birthday to Katie and special wishes for you, too, Vicki, on the anniversary of becoming a mom. Can I just say - Rusty was a hottie!


You have a beautiful family and you have raised three of the most amazing women ever. Happy Birthday to Katie!! The world is hers.


Happy Birthday to everyone, it seems! Time moves fast, doesn't it?

Robin F.

happy birthday KATIE! Your certainly grow great women at your house! Enjoy the cake?

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