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Last, both in order of birth and in order of birth day, is Madeleine!


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Twenty-one years ago at this very moment, we were sitting in the kitchen having dinner and I was in labor. My mom and Joe stopped in, having just returned from a few days away, and I told Mum that when we finished up with dinner, I'd be packing my bags. She couldn't believe that I was so calm and cool about it all. I was probably eating potato salad (with egg) from the Piggly Wiggly, one of the only things that appealed to me at all during this pregnancy. We won't even talk about the first trimester... well, okay, we will... I remember going to the grocery store at lunchtime and just wandering the aisles, hoping that something, ANYthing would look good enough to eat; I'd usually return with a bag of ginger snaps.


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This morning, when I posted about Maddy's birthday on Facebook, she wrote: Thanks for fightin' for me 21 years ago. ;)  More than her birth story, I believe Maddy likes to hear more about conception... that I really wanted to have a third child (I'd have gone up to six or so) but her dad (10 years my senior) wasn't as excited.


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And he is correct when he says that I didn't have to fight TOO hard. Naturally, had we known it was MADELEINE we'd get, all along, there'd have been no fight at all!  (XOXOX) Here she is with one of our "original" cats -- Daisy or Cutie (probably Daisy).


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While Katie made me a mom for the first time, it was with Madeleine that I finally became a stay-at-home mom -- something I'd always wanted. I "stayed home" for about five years and they were surely some of the best. Maddy was probably the most maternal of the girls and, obviously, liked her baby dolls. Katie didn't want a thing to do with them, ever; Ali played with "big" dolls -- a little with Barbie, a lot with American Girls; Maddy always had babies.


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My animal lover. I believe there's been a total of a half-day in the last 27 or so years that we've been pet-free. If Maddy had her way, we'd have something resembling the contents of the ark.


What does it spell? MADDY!

Happy Birthday to my lovely "baby"!

I can't believe she's 21!!

* * * *

And that's a wrap!! Same time, next year.  ; )



21! That's a big number in a young girl's world. Happy Birthday to Maddy! And my baby will be 20 this year - yikes.


Oh, Vicki! Tingles for your BEAUTIFUL girls! What wonderful tributes . . . and what wonderful gifts they are!


Such a beautiful baby red head or not! :)

You outdid yourself with their birthday posts this year. Will wait patintly to see what you will come up with next April.

Loads of mazal tov to the whole family.


Maddy is her own person and a beautiful woman she is, Happy Birthday, Maddy!!!
Your grrls are amazing individuals and you're going to have the time of your life keeping track of them. At this point of time your family is full of promise and the next year is going to be fun to watch!


Awww, very nice! Happy Birthday, Maddy!

Robin F.

Happy Birthday Maddy! Did you ladies have a special drink for her 21st? You have raised 3 amazing women. You have done 'something' right-great job.


3 lovely girls, and I love the photos!


Happy Birthday, Maddy!! I remember turning 21 -- my friends and I went out to Quincy Market and I told everyone that I was 21!!


What a beautiful pod of children. Absolutely gorgeous. Husband cute, too.


Such nice birthday tributes to all three of your daughters!


Happy birthday to everyone!


oh lovely! happy birthday to Maddy! my "baby" turns 21 this November. I look forward to the same sort of celebration - much love, many happy memories and lots and lots of smiles!


She was forth fighting for, for sure. Happy birthday to Maddy!!


She's a cutie! Just 11 days younger than my Dan. 1991 was a wonderful year!

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