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Baked eggs

It's what's for dinner... yesterday... and lunch today! I've made them before, and here is the recipe I've been using.

At this point in the process, all of a sudden, I realized that the light wasn't too bad and I could take pictures! I'd already cooked the prosciutto and steeped it in half & half. I'd also realized that I didn't have any spinach, but found some left-over peas in the fridge. Hey, why not?

So there's a tiny bit of butter at the bottom of each dish, prosciutto, peas, a spoonful of half & half, an egg, another spoonful of half & half, a smidge of sea salt, and some pepper.

Last time, I'm sure I used a whole lotta butter and the heavy cream. Next time, I will probably cut the butter even further, perhaps just "greasing" the dish, or possibly using olive oil; I think I'll still use half & half, because I like the richness, but maybe only half... of the half & half.

I love a recipe I can play around with.

Last time, while not overcooked, they were cooked very well. This time, I baked them for just a little less time and they were perfect -- the whites thoroughly cooked, the yolk still soft.

I have to say that I love love love the Pampered Chef 1-cup Prep Bowl Set that I bought from my cousin's wife, Jane. I don't remember if my sister Karen was a one-time consultant, or just hosted now and then, but I've purchased a few PC items over the years. I have some favorites, and these bowls shot right up to the top -- not only are they are PERFECT for this recipe, they also have COVERS, so I've been using them for leftovers and for packing my lunch. Love.

Do I need to say that I'm not getting paid to say that? I'm not. Jane doesn't even know that I'm talking about/linking her!

Happy weekend, ever'body!


Robin F.

I have those little cups too- perfect for so many things. I'm gonna try this recipe since we love eggs over easy with ham at our house. I'll let you how they turn out.


Those look so good! I used to sell Pampered Chef, they have a lot of great products and their warranty is terrific.


Your eggs look SO good. I'm going to play with the recipe and try it with some panchetta and spinach from my garden. Oh my, YUM!


Looks tasty, but what is half and half?


Looks wonderful. I used to have a little cup with a cover for what I think was called "shirred eggs?" Same idea....put the cup in the water and heat it.

PS: the links in the "You might also like" pics seem to be broken...assuming they are supposed to take you to the earlier post - I'm not able to get there. Just FYI.


Half & Half is made of half cream + half milk. Land O' Lakes, among others, makes it: http://www.landolakes.com/product/15101/half-half


PPS re links - it was operator error. Should have suspected....


Looks delicious. I'll pass this on to the egg queen in the family, my daughter.


I used to have some similar pyrex cups with covers -- wonder what ever happened to them? Your eggs look yum!


OH YUM! That looks delicious with some toast to dip.

Cheryl S.

Love eggs, love peas... but somehow that combo just seems a bit wrong. I'm sure it was tasty, but I don't think my brain can handle it.


ooohhh very pretty! I haven't tried baked eggs like this, and this looks delicious!


OH, YUM! And the little bowls look interesting. I will have to investigate.

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