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I may have mentioned that cleaning/clean-out has been on my mind. Time has been short, so I've been using the "What can I do in the next 10 minutes?" plan. By breaking big jobs into smaller tasks, there's a sense of accomplishment along the way -- which both inspires and motivates further action.

There's a big cupboard in the kitchen that we use as a sort of pantry. It has two large doors topped by two big drawers. I cleaned out one of the drawers -- the one we never used much -- earlier this week and found two TV antennas, a bunch of candles (including a random "1" and "8"), a rolled up remnant of old wallpaper, a tangle of plate hangers, a couple of broken p&s film cameras, and some other miscellaneous junk!

The other night, I opened the other drawer. I pulled it out, in fact, and dumped a third of the contents on the floor before bringing it to rest on the counter -- no turning back. A few years ago, when I didn't carry a purse, that drawer was where I'd keep my wallet, keys, sunglasses, gloves, all the day-to-day stuff... and other stuff, stuff I didn't know what to do with, and more stuff... holy cow. I found things like a coupon for tampons (um, yeah) that expired in 2004; all of my receipts from Christmas... 2006; Weight Watchers stuff -- folders, calculators, booklets; my folder and time cards from when I worked for the temp service; a bunch of cards I bought but never sent.

I also found a favorite pair of earrings (that I thought I lost), all my vintage watches & watch pins (that I thought I lost), some rings (that I thought I lost) and, best of all, MY GRANDMOTHER'S ENGAGEMENT RING (WHICH, OF COURSE, I THOUGHT I LOST)!! I'm so happy and relieved.

Happy weekend, ever'body! We'll be celebrating birthdays and eating cake.

*From MY birthday! STILL going strong.



I feel your relief! It is palpable. Look at all the weight you've lifted from your shoulders!
One (unpleasant) task a day is how I get through my week. The goal is to leave more time on the weekend for fun.

Steph VW

Sweet! There's nothing like finding the "long lost" item. Any chance you came across Carla Veloso and Holley Shiftwell in there? We can't seem to find them anywhere...


It's not exactly cleaning out; it's more like a treasure hunt! Enjoy your found treasure!


aw, hooray! i need to get on top of cleaning again. it's been a long year already. oy.

Robin F.

Presents! finding more gifts (forgotten ones) at no cost to you (best way) And 2 clean drawers too!


What wonderful finds. Such a reward for tackling an ugly job. I really need to re-establish MY 15 minute habit. I would take 15 minutes on the timer to work and go to it. When the timer went off I could be done. It was surprising what I could do.


Oh my, what an excellent bunch of finds! (well, and some odd stuff, too, but that's a given when cleaning out a drawer, right?) Love your orchid!


Literally buried treasure! Very motivating!


The 10 minute approach is great for jobs like that. Hooray for finding all those "lost" items!


Nothing like finding lost treasure. I lost a favourite earring yesterday in a store changeroom. It must have got hooked on my sweater. I didn't notice it missing until I got home :(


I really need to clean out some of our drawers but I am a bit scared of what I may discover.


I need to employ that what-can-I-do-in-10-minutes concept a little more often in my life! (Or, maybe I should just eliminate "Pinterest", "check my email", or "Facebook" from the list of possible 10-minute options!)

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