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Ten on Tuesday: Honey, I'm home!

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Good Things About Coming Home After Vacation

No one hits the home chord for me more than John Denver.

1. Knowing the landscape. It's great to explore -- I love planning trips, reading maps, listening to directions from Garmin -- but it's great to be home and just know how to get from Point A to Point B without thinking.

2. My car. The next time I rent a car in the UK, remind me that driving on the other side of the car is enough -- adding manual transmission to the mix just makes things more difficult and stressful than they need be.

3. My own bed.

4. My own pillow. If I'm not traveling far, and even if I'm checking into a nice hotel, I bring my own pillow. It's not my own bed, but it helps!

5. My closet. Efficient packing continues to elude me... perhaps if I traveled more frequently?

6. My washer & clothesline/dryer! I really don't mind doing laundry, and I really like being able to do it when needed.

7. My kitchen! Even if we're someplace with a kitchen and I can do my own cooking, it's just not the same... and a person can only eat out so many times.

8. Mail! I love going through my mail after being away -- it's very satisfying to sort (and toss) and then catch up on the news via our twice-weekly very local newspaper.

9. Kitties! While not quite as demonstrative as their canine counterparts, our cats definitely let us know that they're happy we're home!

10. Friends and family, the coffee shop, knit night, photography group, the library -- all the places I hang out and feel "at home."




I'm definitely with you on #1. I got so tired of plugging addresses into the GPS last week! It's nice to come home to our own surroundings and things.


I love cruising through the newspapers and the mail too. And John Denver...aaaah.


Love your list! Coming home makes me feel as if I could never leave....but then there is that wonderlust.


Are we twins separated at birth?


Right now I want my bed, pillow, kitchen and being able to call out your header! I guess I am sufferimg homesickness attack which is kind of weird when I am actually in my home town but it is so changed and doesn't feel like home any more.

kathy b

Hangouts are missed when I return..... you are right on!
I love coming home to my cats


The washer and dryer, yes! Yes! I forgot about those in my list.


My kitties often give me the cold shoulder when I come home but I miss them the most. Great list.


what a great list - and I LOVE that you included john denver!! home is the best. and I feel blessed to be able to say it!


Yep! Coming home is a wonderful thing. (And, wow! It's been a long, long time since I've listened to John Denver. Thanks of a little treat.)

Robin F.

love to travel by car but love to come home best. John Denver is woven into my history. For Baby is the lullaby for my eldest and Follow Me is the lullaby for my twins. Leaving on a jet plane still makes me cry because of the time I associate it with.
Thanks for sharing.


Having been born and raised in WV, your first video here made me cry happy tears. I haven't lived there in 32 years (transplanted to the northern Chicago suburbs by way of TX, OH, MA, and NJ), but WV will always be "home" to me!


I always take my pillow with me on vacation. I even took it to Europe when I was in high school

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