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I drove down on Sunday with Kate and Al. They kindly indulged my swerve through Highland Park to search for the house I lived in when I was in first grade! I finally learned the name of the street... lo and behold, I was likely within a block or two the last time I drove through there! I recognized the house right away, mainly because all that's visible from the street is the garage -- everything else disappears behind a hedge -- just as it was back then.

We traced the steps I took everyday to my friend Missy's house -- which I also recognized on sight -- on my way to school. Sometimes we'd dawdle... doing rain dances on the way... and be very late (I recall once being a half-hour late!) even though the school was only a few blocks further. Of course, I found my school on Sunday, too, and it hasn't changed at all except that it's "smaller" now!!

Missy is one of those long-lost people I'd love to find someday -- and I might have a chance if only I knew how to spell her last name! We only lived in Highland Park for a year, but it was a very memorable year. I had the best first grade teacher in the whole wide world, Mrs. Kelly; and I had my first inkling of romance; and I had a fun and adventurous friend; I watched the Osmond Brothers on the Andy Williams Show, and got my first record player, and somehow Can't Get Used To Losing You is always the soundtrack for that place & time; and my little baby sister was born!

It was a great few days away -- a nice little Spring break. There were many others on Spring Break, as well, and I've never seen so many American Girl dolls in my life! We were pretty close to Michigan Ave. and American Girl Place. My favorites were the ones that weren't so new -- there were a few -- with mussed up hair and well-worn clothes.

There were plenty of other things to see... a sampling.

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This is the only yarn I saw the whole time... I didn't do any knitting, except for a few rows in the car on the way down, and never made it to any shops. I thought about it, but it just never happened.

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Spring was busting out all over!

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We had a fun little spa break -- a quick hand soak, neck & hand massage -- for AVEDA Earth Month.

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No Chicago visit is complete these days, it seems, without a trip to Cloudgate.

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Otherwise known as "The Bean."

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I'm not sick of it yet.

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We found lots of great food, of course! The Ram Restaurant & Brewery was a well-deserved stop after a few hours at IKEA! My sister was in town at around lunch time on Tuesday, so we spent a wonderful couple of hours at The Purple Pig. It was delicious! Katie met a friend for Happy Hour on Tuesday and, on said friend's recommendation, we sought out The Doughnut Vault on Wednesday morning. They sold out of chocolate just two people ahead of us, so we will just have to go back!

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I want this amazing building!

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Redhead(s) In Trouble! (Not really.) (I used to have that album... don't know if I still do.)

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After being on the schedule for three days, we finally made it to The Field Museum late Wednesday morning. Wonderful time with the mummies, dinosaurs, kids & families on Spring Break, and field-tripping school kids not on Spring Break!!




So very many of my very favorite places! Love Chicago. Love your memories (because they're so close to my own. . . just a 40 minute drive down the road. . . in Rockford)! So glad you had such a wonderful break.


That sounds like such a fun trip. I'd like to go to Chicago some day. Can't Get Used to Losing You reminds me of the week's leading up to my wedding to Dale. Moon River was our song for our wedding dance and we listened to the Andy William's great hits album constantly during that time. CGUTLY (that is now the official acronym for the song) was Hannah's favorite song on the album and she would always sing along. She was only 4 and it was the cutest thing!


sounds like a great spring break! Chicago is a fun city - great food, shopping and sites to see. I haven't been in a few years...your photos make me want to get back!


Chicago is one of my favorite cities. I'm focusing on your CHEESE here, though. nom.


Love the photo tour. I 'm partial to the Doughnut vault sign!


Yesterday I met up with a few of the MA girls and we had a great time chatting. Your name came up and we wished you were there. You were off having your own adventure and a wonderful one it was. Love the pix of your girls and the bean! Xoxo


You visited the loggia at Fourth Pres! I've always loved that spot ... a little oasis of calm on Michigan Avenue. (We were members there for a long time, and my brother had his wedding pictures taken by the loggia fountain.)


Sounds like an excellent little vacation to me. Chicago is still on my to do list and every time I read a report like it I want to go right now! :)


What a great trip. One if my favorite cities ever. Let's make an offer on that building...yarn store? ;-)


Looks like a great trip and chocolate is certainly a reason to return. :D

Robin F.

what a fun trip. I love Chicago but right now I'm in my favorite city. NEW YORK. Helping my youngest move into her new apartment. NOthing beats NY in springtime!


Seriously? The Doughnut Vault? I'm actually drooling!

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