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Yesterday = Yummy

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Such a tasty, beautiful, colorful plate that I had to shoot it twice.

We were pretty into dessert, apparently: I made poppy seed cake, Kate came over and made lemon bars, Kevin made carrot cake, and Mom had a small cheesecake from the store.

Easter Bunny brought a small bag of jelly beans, some Andes mints, and "bunny ear" Kit-Kats.

I believe I consumed more sugar yesterday than I have in the past month. I'm amazed that I didn't wake up with terrible heartburn at 3 a.m. Must've been good quality sugar, or the little bit of cheese and the (only slightly exaggerated) half-gallon of milk I consumed in the evening hours helped to neutralize and/or dilute it.

Busy week. How 'bout you?




what are those rose-looking things, potatoes? How do you make those, they look pretty and delicious.


That plate is certainly inviting. We had four desserts too!


That's an awesome photo of your dinner plate!


wow that's pretty! one but "us two" yesterday. we made do with leftovers. even the picture of your plate is better than that!


Beautiful, delish looking food! If only...
I'm off today trying to recover from travel and get a few errands run before returning to the daily grind. Using deep breathing to get me through to the weekend so I can relax again.


Oh, such YUM! I'm having a busy week, too.


YUM! That looks so delicious and healthy. Those pancakes are so tempting. Are they hard to make? All those layers look a bit overwhelming. They look like they're a big crowd pleaser, though. Yummmm....


OK - I haven't had my coffee yet... I meant potatoes... but am making pancakes for my son... so I said pancakes. Sigh! Those potatoes look amazing!


Looks really yummy! Were those the muffin tin potatoes? I keep intending to try those :^P


Oh my do those potatoes look delicious!


You make the best potatoes I've ever seen, Vicki!

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