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Meanwhile, back at home...

Catching up...

...and catching my breath. Here are a few photos from O'Hare prior to departure on Tuesday.

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2012-07-17 12.44.09
Hydrating!2012-07-17 12.44.09
2012-07-17 12.44.09
The last two were taken by Addy. That boy always did love the camera! I love these blurry photos.

And, following, the first photos from Rio:

Front door and stairwell. The house is huge, I guess, but they'll eventually be moving to an apartment.

One of two living rooms. I don't know about furniture.

My favorite (click for big), the view from the porch, though that could be a slum.

Annie wrote yesterday that Mack was the only one who slept well on the Tuesday overnight flight, and was also the crabbiest on Wednesday. They were taken directly to school and given a tour by the Director's secretary who, of course, immediately fell in love with Addison (little charmer). There are monkeys in the trees at school! Their new home is amazing and they all slept wonderfully on Wednesday night. Despite the current lack of internet (except at school) and hot water, she write that "all exceeds expectations!"

We miss them loads and are looking forward to more regular and frequent communication -- especially Mom (she was able to talk with both Annie and Mack today!). New normal.




How come they don't get to stay in the big fancy house? New normal is what it's all about.


Thank goodness for technology as you can be in pretty much constant touch. It will be interesting to hear about they're new home. I hope the apartment is big!


you'll be skyping? Looks fabulous!

Linda P

What a huge house. At first I thought the stairs were to their apartment. I was gasping at the thought of having to climb them with groceries. I wonder what the apartments are like there. What a beautiful place.
I can't imagine traveling that far with two kiddos of their ages.
I hope all goes well for them.


Wow what a wonderful view!


Isn't it pretty warm in Rio? Maybe they don't need hot water ;-)

Robin F.

That's a lot of steps!! Great door and view. Will you get to go visit?

Steph VW

Oh, you're making me miss Brazil. Do they have hot water shower heads? All the places I stayed in Brazil had these electric shower heads of questionable safety which heated the water as it came through. I wasn't always staying in a house as nice as that, so needless to say, I got a few shocks while adjusting the water temperature.

I can't wait to hear more about this adventure they are on.

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