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Have I mentioned that it's hot?

Oppressive heat combined with very high humidity makes for not a really great week. I'm so glad that the camp counselor girls have the week off and aren't... building campfires. Ugh, it's hard even to think, and seems to take twice the energy as usual to do any little thing. It's exhausting to drive, much less walk or run.

But walk I did, downtown on the morning of the 4th to see the runners and walkers participating in the Firecracker 5K. I broke a sweat just standing there, I just really can't imagine what it was like to run -- I know a few people who did, though. Can't imagine...

Also, with 4th of July right in the middle of the week and different days off, time is doing weird things -- the holiday was only two days ago, but it seems like a week, at least.

Here are the camp girls after a light (and pasta-salad-cool) 4th of July lunch at Mom's. They all took off early yesterday to spend a couple of days at Six Flags and in Chicago. Maddy actually has the next couple of weeks off, too, as she's chaperoning a group from the high school that's heading up to Canada -- the same wilderness canoe trip that she (and Katie) did in high school. So, technically, I guess she's not really "off," but it's something she's wanted to do again ever since returning the first time, so it's not exactly like "work."

I've been keeping cool, watching my dad Don Draper on Mad Men, going over occasionally to pound on and/or wiggle the air conditioner to keep it from rattling (so annoying), and knitting. With wool. I am currently 2/3 through the last main (extended) section of Kirsten's TTL Mystery Shawl and I can't wait to finish!

Meanwhile, yesterday was a 1st Thursday and that means Knit Night! We had a great group of new and familiar faces, and my friend Ann brought her spinning wheel! She's been spinning for the Tour de Fleece. Another friend, Kate, brought her Color Affections -- two finished and one underway! With apologies for crappy phone pics, take a look (when she's finished with #3, we're going to have a good and proper photo shoot):

WEB-2012-07-05 18.27.57
WEB-2012-07-05 18.28.19
WEB-2012-07-05 18.29.22
WEB-2012-07-05 18.29.22
WEB-2012-07-05 18.29.22
The weather's supposed to break overnight, and not a moment too soon with the market happening tomorrow morning. I hope it's not raining but, honestly, if it came down to rain or more of the same, right now I'd take rain in a heartbeat!




You're welcome to visit any time. There's a fog bank hovering on the horizon that is keeping it cool here in Halifax/Dartmouth. ;)

(Can we have a tour of your mom's house? That fireplace looks beautiful!)


We had rain most of the day yesterday and today it's blessedly cool. Heat will return a bit each day. This cool air is headed your way, although it's rather humid air from my experience.
Kate's Color Affections are beautiful! I can't believe she has knit three! I just finished mine. don't faint ;)


I have been so cold at work that today I brought in big wooly socks to wear as slippers and a big heavy cotton wool sweater! I went out at lunch to pick something up, and it took until the second stop to finally get warm...only in the 80's here, but hot to us. Your weather is going to be here tomorrow and sunday thank you very much!


Relief is on the way! The heat broke here tonight, so you should cooler by tomorrow. Gorgeous shawls!


It's been hot here, too, but yesterday we went to the beach and today we're going to Dale's brother's house for a pool party/cook out. Our heat is supposed to break over night - yay.

Robin F.

I hear you. I didn't stay for fireworks this year because it was too hot to breathe. Love the CA pix. I just caved and ordered yarn, not that I needed more, to knit this. There must be hundreds at Camp Loopy making CAs. I have resisted as long as I could.


What a great group! Hot here too - sounds like you've had it almost as hot as we have in MO. Here's to cooler weather ;^)


So hot here but it's cooling down at night, which is nice. The grass is crispy however and those dark clouds this morning sailed on by!


Oh man, the heat has been oppressive here, too. But your knits are fabulous, Vicki!

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