Have I mentioned that it's hot?
Survey says...

Hit it!

A bullet list today with Saturday Sky.

2012-07-09 16.22.05

  • I'm leaving shortly for my sister's to pick up a few things that she wants to store while they're in Brazil for the next 2-4 years... or longer if they decide to go somewhere else before returning.
  • Later, I'll be making a family dinner at Madeleine's request before she departs late tonight for 10 days on a Canada wilderness canoe trip where she'll be chaperoning a group of high school kids. Miraculously, all the girls' schedules work out so they'll all be here!
  • I love that we're having a family dinner by request.
  • Amy was another "surprise" visitor at the farmers' market last Saturday! It was so great to meet her -- especially since she'll soon be moving to PA.
  • Who's coming to see me next??
  • Thankfully, the heat broke in the nick of time and the market was quite comfortable... I'm not complaining, but chilly, even, what with a strong breeze and slight chance of rain (which thankfully never developed). I was happy to have brought a light cardigan, and we put up the back panels on the tent as a windbreak.
  • It's been a pretty great weather week, so far, not quite as warm as predicted.
  • Knocking on wood.
  • Yarn came in the mail! I love it when yarn comes in the mail.
  • I've recently dyed and sent some, too.
  • I cast off the TTL Mystery Shawl last night; blocking won't likely occur until the weekend.
  • I'd better get going...




Sounds delightful. . . except for that sister-leaving-for-years thing. . .


You sound busy, good busy! :)


Your day sounds full and fun, too. It will surely end on a high note with your family all together.
It's beastly here. 103 today and the nights do not cool down.


Having all the kids in one place for dinner is a small miracle, I'm sure. Enjoy!


Hasn't the sky been amazing this week?

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