Last weekend in July
Warm Hands

It's almost finished!

The end is in sight and everyone is working so hard to finish the mural!! I'm very proud of my husband's work, my kids' work, and Ali's employees -- all of whom have been involved in this project from the beginning. I'm not sure about blood or tears, but I know there's been a lot of sweat given up in the name of community pride and involvement. Way to go, peeps!

I love this photo! (All shamelessly stolen from Ali.)

Almost... not quite. Just wait 'til you see... it's gonna be AMAZING!! The perfect finish.

Speaking of amazing... there was weather in the area late yesterday and that can make for gorgeous skies!




Great sky picture! Our July skies have been the best ever!
Someday I want to sit under an umbrella and have a cup of coffee at Kaukauna Cofee. With you (and your whole family!), of course!


That already looks amazing - can't wait to see what could possibly make it even better!


can't wait to see it finished...but wow! it looks amazing as is!! what a tribute!!


I LOVE it, and absolutely can't wait to see it finished. It is the coolest public art project I've ever seen/heard about.

And that is one gorgeous sky shot, too!


I thought that was the actual shop when I started reading. What a great mural!


Awesome teaser on the mural so far. I love clouds. (Especially when there is rain in them these days!)

Robin F.

The mural is amazzzzing!

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