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Last weekend in July

Let the games begin

Our Tivo was diagnosed with hard drive failure last weekend: DEAD. The replacement arrived yesterday and is up and running, but everything I'd saved and/or programmed into the old one is, of course, lost.

Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, London 2012, is the first thing I programmed into the new.

I'm not sure I'll get any knitting underway during the games. #1, I sort of forgot about it. #2, I can't find the magazine that has the pattern for the Latvian socks I was going to knit as part of that KAL at the same time. #3, I don't really like knitting socks that much so why bust my ass over that. #4, Maybe I can figure out something by this evening.

Or not. Blech. Maybe I don't need the pressure of one more thing... I am so easily caught up in these things and then so often regret it.

So, we'll see. No matter what -- whether for sport, personal challenge, or pleasure -- I will be knitting during the Olympics!

Meanwhile, it's no secret that I left my heart in Scotland (or found my soul) (something happened over there)... love this:

Love Scotland.

Have a happy weekend... Let the games begin!



Robin F.

Did you leave your knitting mojo somewhere? I'm off to a cast on party for Ravelhellenic Games- Gonna knit Derecho.


Your Hexi-nots would be a great Olympic companion. TGIF!


Whilst you are on a Scotland kick, I thought you'd appreciate this fabulous archive footage:

Cathy Goldman

Loved the video and off to cast on my Camino Bubbles for my ravelennic project....
Let the stitches begin!!!


I'm not participating in anything other than my regular ole knitting but we did enjoy the opening ceremonies last night.


we had a ball at our LYS on friday afternoon and I very much enjoyed the opening ceremonies afterwards (thankfully DVRd since I snoozed from the D's to the S's and really enjoyed rewatching the cauldron lighting)...and since then it's been a lot more knitting and a lot less watching. sort of like back to normal around here. hope you're enjoying whatever you've decided to do!

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