Catching up...
Ten on Tuesday: Market edition

Meanwhile, back at home...

2012-07-20 17.25.37
Husband continues his summer project.

2012-07-20 17.46.32
The tomatoes are beginning to bear fruit. Yum.

2012-07-23 09.14.15
I am knitting. This is a small cloth knit using leftover hemp.

2012-07-23 11.07.50
Since I finished the shawl and am in between, it's a good time to knock out some more hexagons! Hexies are great for knitting at the market, too, and I'm still not tired of them. I love them all but, right now, this type is my favorite -- just a few rows of one yarn at the beginning or end and the rest in something else.

I had a surprise visitor at the market again on Saturday! Actually, it was a surprise for us both, since she didn't even know I'd be there. Tracey used to cut, color, and curl my hair a long time ago -- back in my big hair days! Here's Tracey's work (makeup, too):

(oh, I was so much younger then...)

Anyway, her parents still live in the area and she brought her mother to the market. I haven't seen Tracey in quite a while -- I drove up a few times to have her do my hair, but two hours on the road + whatever in the chair is just too much time to give up on my day off! She used to do my mom's hair, too, and Mom happened to walk up at just the right time. She was about to tell me that the woman standing at our tent looked just like Tracey (a very distinctive head of hair), when lo and behold!

What else? Oh, I made Corn Salad a la Kim (and Carole) with fresh corn and tomatoes -- so good! My mods: I did not seed the tomatoes and I made the full amount of dressing but will cut that in half next time.

I started to study and set up to record the Olympics on Friday and my Tivo died on Saturday. A new one is on the way and should be here in plenty of time for Opening Ceremonies.

Yikes! That's Friday!!

Anyway, after quite a few years of having first a cable box DVR and now Tivo, I am amazed at how hard it is to watch TV on someone else's schedule! And I've only watched one show! Inspector Lewis and Sargeant Hathaway won't even pause for a bathroom break! Not to mention that all I have is network. I watched a lot of Netflix via Tivo... having finished Mad Men, I'm currently watching Breaking Bad. That show hits home on a number of unhappy levels, but I love the dark humor... I have laughed out loud.

Anyway, I knocked out a couple of big projects over the weekend (finishing this afternoon) that had been looming. In another week or so, they ought to be all wrapped up and I am so relieved.

2012-07-23 11.09.26
Look! After two years, I've discovered a "macro" mode on my camera phone!




You look so glamorous in that photo! I need to make that corn salad, I haven't made it since the first time I brought it to the potluck.


Love the house and the tomatoes - the squirrels are mugging ours just before they're ripe enough to pick. I'm bummed about that, but at least we're getting some beans.


...I haven't even been away and it seems like I'm (again!) in catchup mode. the two-toned hexapuff is IT! (how many of these have you done? and I wonder if I have a macro setting on my camera phone?!) here's to keeping up!


Ah, the glamor pose...we all have one tucked away somewhere. You were gorgeous (still are, but now in a real way). Summer foods are so delish, so fresh and delightful. I hate to see the supply of sunshine ready foods disappear.

Robin F.

You look great in the pic with Big curled hair. But you look great now too. I remember those days of putting my hair on the BIG (size of soda cans) rollers and sleeping in them to get my hair to look like that. Now it's shake and go. Are you doing the Ravhellenics?

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