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It's been almost 18 months since I gave up Diet Coke which, in this case, means all caramel-colored carbonated beverages -- nay, it pretty much means all carbonated beverages.

I'll have a glass of something fizzy when we're out to eat -- really, who can resist the Freestyle? And I sometimes splash a little ginger ale or lemon-lime into some cold tea at home. It's surprising how infrequently I buy it... and it's not a matter of utmost urgency anymore if there's nothing fizzy in the house. I barely even think about it... honestly, I felt the same way about it that I did about cigarettes and I barely think about them, either.

I drank more water, but overall I'd say that my water consumption increased only slightly over the past 16 months. I've just never been a big fan of plain water. When I first joined WW, I had to jazz it up with ice and lemon and use a straw; I wouldn't drink it any other way.

So, I replaced the Diet Coke with water, but it was definitely not a 1:1 thing.

Recently, my cousin shared a blog post (from last September) she'd found entitled: September is World Alzheimer's Month: Could Chronic Dehydration Be the Cause Behind Alzheimer's? Our family is all too familiar with the devastation that is Alzheimer's.

I read the article and, well, you could say that I read it with a grain of salt in regards to Alzheimer's, but it did give me a jolt and drove me to action, um... to the well. There is no doubt in my mind that I am dehydrated and probably have been for years. I made up my mind to drink more water -- a lot more water! Alzheimer's or not, I just really need to drink more water.

I'm trying to be more diligent with other necessary changes, mainly continuing to be aware of and cut back on all types of sugar, eating more veggies, more fish. It's not easy... there have been a lot more parties in my life than usual, lately, and a lot more ice cream cake... I can only be so good when faced with ice cream cake.

I've been diligent about the water, though, trying to drink 80-100 oz. everyday -- not always getting there, but trying...

...since last Sunday.

Seriously. And I write this because by Tuesday -- only a couple of days -- I could feel a difference in my body -- the same way I felt a difference when I gave up Diet Coke. There's less overall puffiness & fluffiness.

It was driven home last night when, after a day of not being so diligent (it was a day with ice cream cake) and without prompting, Katie said that my ankles looked better. I've experienced edema for a few years, to varying degrees, and disconcerting enough that I once went to the doctor about it (heart was okay) (he gave me "water pills"), and now my ankles are always somewhat puffy -- actually, I'm pretty sure it's my whole body that's puffy, it's just that gravity pulls it down when it's extreme.

Exercise helps, water helps, diet helps... I'm thinking of diving even further into the diet aspect.

Anyway, just wanted to get this down.

Our bodies are something else, aren't they?

* * * * *

Just about to pull the TTL Mystery Shawl from the lavender Eucalan bath and block it out! Stay tuned.




Yay! I try to drink enouigh water but know i don't...


I've always been a water drinker, it's my favorite thing to drink, really. Well. Except for martinis. heh.


Trying to give up Diet Coke, too. I know I need more water. Your post is encouraging. Why is it so hard to eat healthily? Can't wait to see your shawl. I just finished the Balm to the Soul knit along.


Our bodies are something, for sure. I wish I hadn't lost my user's manual. Must drink more water.


We really are what we eat. Giving up gluten has made a big change for me; I can tell when I had a cookie the day before because I HURT.


I'm a water drinker from way back but I read that link and I want to add a truck load of salt to yours. Water making a brain plump up instead of shrink? That's too funny.
(Taking coconut oil has proven benefits for dementia)
Only you know if you drink enough water and I'm glad you are noticing a positive change!
(Btw, that old "8 glasses a day" was debunked years ago. Too much water will interfere with digestion, and that's not a good thing)
Can't wait to see the mystery shawl. That was fast!


Water is my number one choice, mostly because I don't like the taste anything else. I love the "flavorlessness" of it, the refreshing coldness of a glass right from the fridge. There is nothing quite like it throughout the day. After water all day, something like ice tea, or a glass of chilled wine, is quite a treat.


PS. Congrats on giving up the coke and in drinking more water. Have a goal and being able to reach it is rewarding in itself!


I drink quite a bit of water everyday, since I was a kid. I try not to preach. Now, about that ice cream cake? I feel compelled to share a Julia Child quote - "Moderation in everything, including moderation." IOW, some days you just have to embrace life. :-)


Being on WW about ten years ago definitely made me increase my water consumption. It's amazing how used to it your body can get and how bad it feels on those days when you just don't drink enough.

And, I love San Pellegrino or Perrier as a fizzy water treat.

Julie White

I decided I was dependent on Diet Coke and decided to quit. I replaced soda with sparkling water (I make my own, it's great). I love the bubbles! Now, I have a soda infrequently, out at dinner or the like.

It seems hard to change, but it's a choice made one selection at a time. A single "bad" choice doesn't make a diet, a healthy lifestyle. Instead, it's the overall trends of eating well, exercising and getting enough rest.

I never thought *I* could make the changes I have (quitting smoking, eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep and exercise), but as I look back over time, I'm amazed at what has changed: my mental state, my physical health and my future!

/off soap box

CONGRATS and keep it up, it's all worth it!

Julia in KW

I recently dramatically reduced my carbs - next to no breads or potatoes and I must say...I feel much bloating, improved digestion and weight loss (yeah!) Feel much better! (surprized myself a little!) And yes...I drink a lot of water! Tap or from the fridge! :)


I've been trying to give up Diet Coke… but it wiggles its way into my house with each trip to the grocery trip. I'm sipping on one right now. *sigh* You're a strong woman!


So, here's a question. Did you have an issue with headaches when you "quit" diet coke? I have a tendency to migraines, and every time I try to quit it sends me into a five day spiral. So, any hints on how to cope? I am increasingly feeling the need to drop the DC.

Kristi aka FiberFool

I think I used to be in chronic dehydration as well. Then while on my new healthy living "program" I hit a plateau last summer (a much smaller one than I'm at now, but that is a different story) and friend suggested that I weigh daily rather than trying to figure out what day of the week would be consistent. Turns out that if I don't drink 16 cups of water (yes, 128 oz) I'm up 2-3 pounds on the scale the next morning! I do live in a semi-arid climate and am quite active so your needs may vary. Things that help me drink more - Celestial Seasonings herbal tea, Bengal Spice and True Lemon's Raspberry Lemonade (only 5 calories, sweetened with stevia). When you're drinking that many ounces sometimes you just need a little variety.

Best of luck keeping it up! I've heard changing drinking habits is one of the hardest to break. You're doing great and I'm so glad you are feeling and seeing differences. It makes it easier to stick with it I think.

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