Ten on Tuesday: Market edition
Let the games begin

Remember me?

I can't believe it, but I think it's been almost two years since I posted anything about the mural. It's coming along!

Web2012-07-23 15.23.02_1
Web2012-07-23 15.23.02_1
Web2012-07-23 15.23.02_1
It's hard to get a good overall view (especially with a camera phone) because it's very long and also snakes around a curve. Rusty's been there every morning this week to take delivery of the lift, courtesy of the city, to paint in that high gray spot (it'll be the river).

Web2012-07-23 15.21.07_1
Ali and some of her fellow baristas have been working on the coffee shop!

Web2012-07-23 15.21.17_1
The bridge that connects our city (this is the old one).

Web2012-07-23 15.21.58_1
Shops on Second Street.

Web2012-07-23 15.19.41_1
Our public library.

Web2012-07-23 15.21.36_1
The historic "mansion." (Also, a nod to the farmer market on the right.)

And plenty of memories... things that are no more:

Web2012-07-23 15.20.09_1
The old hotel.

Web2012-07-23 15.20.31_1
The feed mill.

Web2012-07-23 15.20.41_1
The train depot.

Web2012-07-23 15.22.14_1
And, of course, no mural updated is complete without my favorite swimmer! He's holding up pretty well.  ;)

I think it'll be a wrap this summer!




Two years? Has it really been two years since you've shared pictures? How many years has it been in process? Your city must love the memories and scope of such a unique piece. Rusty is a master!

Julia in KW

What an awesome mural! I would love to have one like it in my city! but even better to know everything/place in your town's mural!!! love it!


That is THE MOST AWESOME thing EVER. I want to come and see it live and in person!

Cheryl S.

That's fantastic!


Kym stole my words; I want to come see it in person too! That is one awesome project and I too don't believe it's been 2 years since your last post about it! Time just flies lately. I blame it on the global warming!


I want to see it, too!

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